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Former World Champ Returns – Find Out Who Is Making A Comeback

WWE 2016
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Former World Champ Returns – Find Out Who Is Making A Comeback

WWE 2016 rumors have it that a former world champion will be returning soon. There is huge speculation that it will be The Nature Boy Ric Flair. He was reportedly backstage during the Monday Night Raw held in his hometown North Carolina this week.

WWE 2016 Monday Night Raw this week had the headlining event between Sasha Banks and Charlotte. However, it was Flair’s anticipated return that has hogged headlines till now. Flair did appear before the home crowd after his daughter lost her women’s title according to Inquisitr.

WWE 2016 reports also have it that Flair also congratulated Sasha Banks and gave her a hug after the match. There are now rumors of Flair having been signed by the WWE for a new deal before the Monday Night Raw episode was aired.

What Will Flair Do in the WWE? 

There is no confirmation yet on what role Flair will assume in the WWE. However, he should be getting back to Raw once again. He was earlier managing his daughter Charlotte’s WEE career sometime earlier.

However, he was fired by Charlotte in public and she also disowned him as her father. Flair was teary eyed when he left the ring that day. Charlotte eventually roped in ex-NXT star Dana Brooke as her assistant.

Charlotte earlier lost the women’s title to Sasha Banks prior to SummerSlam and won it again. Sasha once again won the title and eventually lost it to Charlotte once more. She has now won the title and Charlotte may angle for a rematch to regain her lost title.

Charlotte has never lost any WWE PPV match ever since she signed on the central roster. This indicates that Banks may well lose her title again to Charlotte in December. Ronda Rousey is also being wooed by the WWE to compete at WrestleMania in 2017.

She might take on Stephanie McMahon or even Charlotte Flair. Ric Flair’s re-entry into WWE is getting several fans nostalgic about his relationship with Sting. Flair has teamed up with Sting several times and betrayed him again and again.

Flair’s entry has enthused fans and there might be a few surprises in store as well as per Wrestling Inc.

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