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Forza Horizon 3 Update: PC Bug Corrupts Save Files

Forza Horizon 3

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Forza Horizon 3 Update: PC Bug Corrupts Save Files

Players of Forza Horizon 3 will need to be extra cautious in opening the game today. There is a bug in the PC version that may crawl and corrupt the saved game file.

Playground Games Announcement

The developer is gracious enough to reveal that there is a bug affecting the saved file on PC. Playground Games announced that they have been carefully monitoring the issue in the forums.

The issue starts when Forza Horizon 3 prompts a dialogue requesting the player to download a new patch. The patch is supposedly an update, but it seems it was parsed incorrectly. It prompts the gamer to download the entire game again. This is quite a hassle because the game is 50gb. In addition, slow download and data caps may also affect players who have limited resources.

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Even more, the corrupted save games will require the player to start from zero again. The studio warned its players to avoid creating a saved game at version .37.2 to avoid the issue. Furthermore, as long as they do not create a new save on version .37.2, the saved game will not have any issues until the release of the next update.

Excited to play and can’t wait for the next update? That’s okay, gamers can just play with .35.2 to avoid corrupting any saved games.

However, if players are already playing the .37.2 upon reading this update, the only fix is to uninstall the version of the game immediately. Do not save the game to avoid the risk of corrupting all previous data.

Impact On Xbox Version Of Forza Horizon 3

The game cross-saves between the PC and Xbox version of the game. Though it is a different platform, it is best to triple check the game version because there is a possibility that it will be downloaded automatically. It is safer to use the .35.2 version even on Xbox to avoid any problems.

Meanwhile, Playground Games added a ton of new downloadable content (DLC) in the update. Imgur leaked the backend data that reveals some of the content that will be available once the studio fixes the bug. Hopefully the studio sends in a fixed patch so players can enjoy the new DLC they’ve created for Forza Horizon 3. 

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