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Free iPhone Apps Today: GRIDy, Web Backup & More

Free iPhone Apps Today
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Free iPhone Apps Today: GRIDy, Web Backup & More

There are several free iPhone Apps today that you will find really useful. These are mostly paid apps that are free for limited periods of time. There is no official confirmation on how long these apps will remain free.

Some of these free iPhone apps today include biggies like GRIDy and Web Backup among others. You will find TextGrabber which helps in swiftly translating, scanning and saving preferred text.

It also helps in doing the same for QR codes from any printed matter that you might have. There are 60+ languages supported by this app. BGR reports that you can also get Pocket Earth Pro Offline Maps for free.

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Other Attractive Free Apps Available Today

Earth Pro Offline Maps is one of the best free iPhone apps today. This offers comprehensive travel guides and worldwide maps for you. It also works with GPS entirely offline. 1979 Revolution is another app which is available currently for free.

You can play as a photojournalist in exciting scenarios of a real revolution based in Iran’s Tehran. Real stories between 1978-1981 in Iran are formulated into the storyline. You only have your own camera as a weapon.

GRIDy is one of the popular apps available for free today. You do not have to stretch hard to find any particular image in any album anymore. You can add images in various formats to the app and find them swiftly.

Some More Attractions

myTuner Radio Pro is another useful free app that you can get today. It offers more than 30,000 radio channels to choose from across a whopping 120 countries. There are more than a million free Podcasts that you can access absolutely free!

Cabber helps you avoid being taken for a ride by cab/taxi drivers quite literally! You will always find information on routes, distances and estimates on how much you should pay. Other available apps include Deleter and Noti.

You can also get hold of Web Backup which helps you record videos inside apps for your web browser, as per Yahoo.

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