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Free Sims 4 Update Gets Toddlers For Your Sims

Sims 4 update

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Free Sims 4 Update Gets Toddlers For Your Sims

The latest Sims 4 update states that Toddlers will now be available. After a long wait of two years, you can now get toddlers for your own Sims. You can finally enjoy preparing your Sims for their new duties.

As per this Sims 4 update, toddlers will be available for players. They are the life stage between a baby and child in the game. Players can now teach their toddlers several things.

These include talking, walking and also using the toilet. This Sims 4 update has won the hearts of fans who were waiting for a long time. Kotaku reports that the game team has confirmed this development in a blog post.

More on this update 

This is a free update and the game’s authorities have talked of finding the “time, resources and design to allow” the same. The blog post also speaks of the “heavy process of actually building and bringing Toddlers to life”. It also exhorts fans that “it has been really difficult to not talk about this” so far.

Toddlers have been part of the game franchise from the Sims 2 onwards. However, the Sims 4 launched without keeping this life stage. This angered several fans as per reports.

No official confirmations were ever issued by the team about Toddlers. Fans are known to have blasted the team earlier for their lack of communication. Several fans also stopped playing the game on the grounds of removing a full life stage.

What The Senior Producer Said 

Several people found the game really shallow without Toddlers. The Senior Producer of the Sims, Lyndsay Pearson, cleared the air. She says that the “toddler stage represents so much change in a Sims’ life”.

She also states that “you start to build family connections” in this stage. One also gets to “tell more meaningful family stories”. As a result, the team emphasized on the “progress and development you can experience as a toddler”.

This same growth is experienced as the “parent of a toddler” as well. GameSpot also confirms this new free update.  EA is labeling this update as their “biggest ever” for the game.

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