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Full Details On Updates For Overwatch Characters Bastion, Mercy & More

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Full Details On Updates For Overwatch Characters Bastion, Mercy & More

Buffs and tweaks for Overwatch characters Bastion, Mercy, and the map of Eichenwalde are currently in the Public Test Realm (PTR). Take a look at the details here.


Bastion is a protagonist in Overwatch. He was a frontline combatant in the past, and is known to have the ability to transform into an assault cannon. Blizzard stayed true to their promise to make one of the Overwatch characters named Bastion become more self-sufficient. After the update, he should now be more effective, although not all changes made for the character are considered to be buffs.

For instance, he can enter Sentry mode faster and is now packed with a larger magazine. However, his bullet spread has increased and he can’t counter critical hits this time around. Furthermore, his Ultimate, which are abilities that pop out once the character reaches their Ultimate meter, no longer provide a bonus armor. The good thing is this new update gives him 35 percent less damage.


Meanwhile, Mercy is also one of the many good Overwatch characters. She is known for her healing prowess and her abilities as a scientist. Because of the update, she is now less vulnerable while using her Ultimate. Players can also adjust the aim sensitivity for her beam called Guardian Angel. This change has been added to a number of other characters as well.

Moreover, next in the list of Overwatch characters that received an update is a mech pilot called D.Va. Her Defense Matrix can now block weapons regardless of the distance traveled. In addition, there is no longer a minimum distance before she can be impeded.


The map of Eichenwalde also received some tweaks. The second gate doesn’t close after the payload goes through the castle doors anymore. In the past, reaching that point made it tough for other Overwatch characters to progress. By only partially blocking the door this time, Blizzard says it lets the offense go through more entrance options, which improve the map’s balance dramatically.

Other Overwatch Updates

In other news, players can create their own Overwatch experience and share it with the world through the new customizable Server Browser. The Server Browser allows players to adjust the settings on various maps, heroes, and modes, letting users create their own tailor-made server. For instance, if they want to increase a character’s missile speed or eliminate the cooldown from a weapon, gamers can now do it.

Meanwhile, Blizzard’s event called Capture the Rooster has been the game’s most popular happening. This urged the development team to bring Capture the Flag to the Arcade as another game mode. On February 7, the team added Capture the Flag versions of Nepal, Lijiang Tower, Oasis, and Ilios. This gave players 12 maps to try when crafting a Custom Game.

All these updates are available on the PTR for PC . The Public Test Realm can be accessed by selecting the PTR: Overwatch option from the Region or Account drop-down menu on the website. Notably, Blizzard has not confirmed that these changes will be available for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

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