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Full Hitman Update Schedule For February 2017: What To Expect

Hitman Update

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Full Hitman Update Schedule For February 2017: What To Expect

Hitman: The Complete First Season hit the top 10 of the UK charts when it was released last week. As a gift to the fans, IO Interactive is sending out a Hitman update schedule to know what to expect in the coming weeks.

Hitman Update

The Hitman update aims to deliver scheduled content for the entire month of February, as announced on Twitter earlier today. There are elusive targets and new contracts happening in the next four weeks. However, the dates cited are more of a timeframe than exact release dates. This also doesn’t mean that these updates will be available for a limited time only. Further details will be available soon.

Previously, January’s Hitman update showcased Professional difficulty along with unique rewards. Players have to wait and see if February’s is delivering something new, aside from the usual bug fixes.

Take a look at the schedule below:

  • Week 1 (Feb 6 – 12)
    • Elusive Target #20 in Bangkok
  • Week 2 (Feb 13 – 19)
    • Escalation Contract in Hokkaido
    • Game update (TBC)
  • Week 3 (Feb 20 – 26)
    • Elusive Target #21 in Hokkaido
  • Week 4 (Feb 27 – Mar 5)
    • 10 New featured contracts

Professional Difficulty Features

In other news, the Professional free content update in Hitman is intended for skilled players who are asking for a more difficult and greater gameplay, as cited in a report by Polygon. The new difficulty level is available upon reaching Mastery Level 20 in a specific area in the game.

The official announcement even gave an example in this case: “As a clear example; reaching Mastery Level 20 on Paris will unlock Professional Difficulty Level on Paris.” This setting presents restrictions, limitations as well as enhancements on the availability and usage of particular items.

The Professional Difficulty level also presents advanced Artificial Intelligence when dealing with enemies. The developers also set up security cameras in the update. In addition, they also provided limited saves and a new batch of rewards in the game.

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