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Full Horizon Zero Dawn Map Revealed: Major Regions You Need To See

Horizon Zero Dawn map
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Full Horizon Zero Dawn Map Revealed: Major Regions You Need To See

The full Horizon Zero Dawn map has been revealed recently and is generating widespread excitement amongst fans. The map shows several crucial locations from this upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive game. This has sent fans into a tizzy.

The leaked image depicts the full Horizon Zero Dawn map with major regions in the storyline. They seem to be Meridian, Mother’s Heart, and Sunfall. Every area named in the open world gets a specific color.

This ranges from blue to green and even red on the full Horizon Zero Dawn map. However, the meaning of these colors is still unclear to a large extent. The full size of the world inside the game is also a mystery up to now, as per GameSpot.

What Else Should You Know 

The full skill tree has been seen while several videos also showcase the machine beasts in the game, which are massive to say the least. The game is aimed at being a pioneering venture in the role playing space from Guerrilla Games.The developer is best known for creating the first person-based Killzone shooter series. The developer has also talked about the photo mode to be present in the game which is another feature that is impressing fans.

The game was originally slated to launch in 2016, but this was postponed to the end of February 2017. Now, the upcoming title is launching on the 28th of February 2017 in the United States. It will also get a European launch on the 1st of March 2017.

Games Radar reports that the leaked map shows off everything from snow capped mountains to vast jungles and deserts. Now, the green and blue markets are shaped pretty uniquely while the yellow and red markers have common shapes too.

Some Other Indications

This could well indicate the presence of four tribes in the game. However, nothing is confirmed yet.

Size is not everything when it comes to churning out a successful game. Players will never appreciate scale or size if there is almost no activity involved.

The map looks pretty large from the looks of it and the image of the Meridian Village is another major attraction. The game launches soon as mentioned before and we will have to see whether there are any surprises in store for fans.

Guerrilla Games is trying its best to keep the mystery alive in spite of this leak. However, the leak has also contributed towards excitement related to the game reaching fever pitch.

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