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Gaming Deals January 2017: Discounts On Mass Effect Andromeda & More

Gaming Deals January 2017
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Gaming Deals January 2017: Discounts On Mass Effect Andromeda & More

Want to buy new game titles this month? Would you like to try new games aside from the ones you already have? Well, it would be nice if you could grab one with a lesser price tag. With that, the Gaming Deals January 2017 is what you need.

Hence, for those who are looking for different discounts on gaming titles, this is the one you need. This month, games like Mass Effect Andromeda are on sale.

Gaming Deals January 2017

Mass Effect Andromeda is available on Amazon Prime with a 20% discount both for pre-orders and new games. Instead of paying $60, you can pay $48 for this game. Grab this game in two weeks time before it returns to its original price.

Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Bundle is at its lowest price which comes with a copy of Battlefield 1. It is currently tagged at $250 which gives a $50 price cut for the $300 price.

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The Lord of the Rings Game, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is now down to $15. Steep is currently at $40, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst at $20, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness at $19.61, and Grand Kingdom (Vita) $21.

PlayStation Plus is available at $50 through a code that Amazon will email you. It enables online multiplayer on PS4, it has a free PlayStation 4 games every month, an access to exclusive PlayStation Store sales and discounts and a 12 months play all year long feature.

Other Gaming Deals January 2017

Other deals for this month includes items that you might find valuable not just for your gaming needs but for other purposes as well. Just like the JLab Audio Epic Bluetooth headphones which is currently at $60 instead of $73. There is also a Waterproof Bluetooth Shower only at $16 when purchased using the code 5EBIIXFV.

And for Amiibo collectors, you can also get the Nintendo character figurines at a lesser price. Ryu is at $4.88, Daisy at $4.88, Diddy Kong at $4.88, Donkey Kong at $4.88 and Waluigi at $4.88.

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