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Gaming PC Guide To Quick Set Up With Windows 10

Gaming PC Guide
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/The Verge account


Gaming PC Guide To Quick Set Up With Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest OS that Microsoft offers. And if you are planning to upgrade to a quicker and more responsive OS for your gaming needs, then you have to install the new OS. If you are getting confused about how Windows 10 should be installed on your PC, then you can follow this gaming PC guide step by step to ensure a successful and hassle-free installation.

To start, you need to have at least two 16GB fast USB 3 flash drives or a one 32GB flash drive to start the set-up and make the installation easier. These will be used for extra backup storage – such as a housing for all the drivers for the motherboard, graphics card and other components installed on the system – while you update your OS.


Download the compatible Microsoft Windows 10 installer directly on their website for free. Buy the Windows 10 product key from the Windows store or Amazon, for a cheaper price. Then, follow these software installation gaming PC guide by PC Gamer:

  • Click “Create installation media for another PC” and click “Next.”
  • Choose the appropriate language and architecture edition for your product key. Use a 64-bit variant unless you require 32-bit. Some games require 64-bit Windows versions to run. Others need more than 4 GB RAM allowed on 32-bit versions of Windows.
  • Use your flash drive for direct USB installer creation. But if your system has problems booting with it, use the ISO and third party utilities such as Rufus. The ISO version is useful when installing Windows 10 to a virtual machine for a test drive using software like VirtualBox.
  • Select the USB flash drive option and pick the attached device you want to use as the installer. The media creation tool will format the flash drive, download and transfer the installer, and make the USB bootable.
  • Go to the manufacturer’s website and download all relevant files for your system. Decompress them into named folders to install in an organized manner. An essential tip is to avoid drivers that you bought together with your hardware because they are oftentimes outdated. You may end up installing them again if you use old versions. Download the newest version from the manufacturer. An additional tip is that folders with names like “APRP_Win7-8-8-1_V10028” aren’t very helpful. Moreover, you don’t need to install all the software available for every component.
  • Download installers that are a necessity for your gaming PC such as a virus scanner, malware protection, system information utility, and any third party browsers you use.
Gaming PC Guide

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/The Verge account

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Windows 10 Installation

Now, let us come to the main point of this gaming PC guide which is the installation of the newest update of Windows 10. Follow these steps:

  • Restart and the system will boot into the Win 10 installer. Select your language, click Next, and start the installation.
  • Enter your product key or click Skip if you prefer to do this later, but you’ll run on an unactivated version of Windows and features will be disabled until you enter the code.
  • You can either install over an existing version of windows and keep your settings, or go for a clean install and a new system with the Custom option.
  • Pick the drive where Windows 10 will be installed and let Windows perform the partitioning during installation. Click Next and Windows 10 will finish the initial installation. Progress will be seen via the status screen.
  • Once finished, you’ll be presented with the Express settings screen. Pick Customize settings to turn off as recommended a lot of phone-home options Microsoft leaves on by default such as location, advertising ID, browser page prediction, error reporting and the automatic network connectivity settings.
  • Pick your sign-in method, usernames and password.
  • The system will now boot to the new Windows 10 desktop.
  • Copy the driver folder from the USB flash drive to your local disk and start installing your drivers.
  • Begin with the motherboard’s chipset drivers to get ethernet/Wi-Fi support and other low-level, high-function software such as graphics cards and storage controller drivers.
  • Then proceed with the installation of utilities and tools.

There you have it! You may now enjoy a better gaming experience with Windows 10!

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