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Gatebox Waifu Holographic Girlfriend: Pre-Order & How It Works

Gatebox Waifu Holographic Girlfriend
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/info vinclu account


Gatebox Waifu Holographic Girlfriend: Pre-Order & How It Works

There is a new AI assistant in town. “She” may even be better than Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and the Amazon’s newest, Echo or Dot. Meet Azuma Hikari, the 20-year old holographic character living inside the Gatebox. She is known as the Gatebox Waifu Holographic Girlfriend.

Taro Minoboshi – renowned for working on Konami’s Love Plus dating sim game series -designed the AI girlfriend. It was created by Japanese technology company, Vinclu.

The Gatebox has a screen and a projector where Hikari appears. “Hikari” means “light” in English. It is not just a simple and cylindrical design. There are microphones, cameras, temperature and motion detectors on the Gatebox.

How It Works

The Gatebox Waifu Holographic Girlfriend is a fully interactive virtual girl. This holographic “girlfriend” can interact with you on a more personal level compared to other AI assistants. She is able to recognize your face and voice. She can wake you up in the morning and schedule your activities and remind you of them just in case you forget them. This device can also welcome you once you go back home, much like a girlfriend can.

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Hikari talks only in Japanese but is able to understand many things. She continually learns and her language skills grow through time. You can talk to her through messages in the controlling app which is good for both Android and iOS.

The Gatebox also has Bluetooth and a permanent Internet connection. It can be connected to the TV using HDMI. It can also control your smart phone equipment.

More characters

The Gatebox Waifu Holographic Girlfriend will definitely get more characters if the product gains success.  Vinclu recently demonstrated a version with Vocaloid virtual singer Hatsune Miku as the main character.

Popular anime characters have been designated as virtual assistants such as Yuuki Asuna from Sword Art Online in Sony’s Wake Me Up Asuna app. Mark Zuckerberg has even created a Morgan Freeman-voiced AI assistant for his home.

How to Pre-order

You can pre-order the Gatebox Waifu Holographic Girlfriend at their website. It will work in the US but the first production run is limited to only 300 units. This costs around $2,600 each.

Get to know Hikari by watching this video:

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