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Gears Of War 4 Update: New Maps, Valentine’s Event & More

Gears of War 4

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Gears Of War 4 Update: New Maps, Valentine’s Event & More

Gears of War 4′s February update is out today! Check out the new maps, gameplay changes and gear packs here. Even more, a Valentine’s Day event will begin later this week.

Gears Of War 4 February Update

Heading the long line of changes are the new maps. The first new map is called Impact Dark, a nighttime version of the map called Impact. Furthermore, it features reduced visibility caused by smoke that is spread throughout the arena. In addition, snipers are replaced with Boltoks, a pistol with a limited magazine. Secondly, the Dropshot replaces the Torque, a bow which is a classic Gears of War 4 go-to weapon.

“The result is a new version of Impact that plays completely differently to its original brethren,” Microsoft said. The software company added that the combination of close range weapon swaps and reduced visibility amplifies the pace for a more sophisticated version of Impact.

In the game, players need to stay on their toes to defeat enemies. Meanwhile, support players need to take bigger risks to impact fights. Reduced visibility will make treading the battlefield tougher for even the most competitive alliances.

The second new map is called War Machine. It is set in a new Collection Of Ordered Governments (COG) Settlement. It stands out with its appearance and features. Compared to the original map, signs of life are everywhere. It includes the active security bay in the game, up to the train sitting at the end of the platform.

Impact Dark, War Machine

Impact Dark and War Machine are available now in the Developer Playlist. However, it is only open to people who own the game’s season pass. Players will receive double experience points (XP) and a 20 percent bonus for credits. Moreover, supported modes include Team Deathmatch, Guardian, and King of the Hill. More details about Impact Dark and War Machine will be released soon.

Gears Of War 4 Valentine’s Day Event

The Valentine’s Day event will begin soon. On February 10, players can get new Gear Packs and acquire Valentine’s Day-themed loot every day. Furthermore, the game mode called Torque Bow Tag is making a comeback with a twist. The developer will share more details about the event this week.

Meanwhile, Microsoft revealed future Gears of War 4 updates. First, a pre-game lobby for Competitive and Core playlists will come to the game in March. Secondly, the company will release at least one more legacy character for players to collect. They also shared that they are looking into fan feedback regarding playlists and weapon tuning.

Even more, changes are happening to the game’s Horde mode and campaign this summer. Here’s the list of expected tweaks:

  • New “Inconceivable” difficulty (campaign & Horde)
  • IronMan Mode (campaign & Horde)
  • Level 6 skills for all class skills
  • More skills for existing classes
  • New achievements

Here are the full patch notes for the game’s February update.

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