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Gears Of War Characters Lawsuit: Man Claims Cole Train Was Based On Him

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Gears Of War Characters Lawsuit: Man Claims Cole Train Was Based On Him

Gears of War is now at the heart of a new controversy. A man has filed a lawsuit against the developers. This pertains to making use of his likeness without taking permission.

Gears of War has a character called Augustus Cole or “Cole Train”. The lawsuit claims that this character’s voice is almost identical to the man’s own voice. A “forensic voice examiner” has also been hired as per reports.

This examiner will now demonstrate how the Gears of War character’s voice is almost similar to his client. The man is none other than ex-NFL athlete and wrestler Lenwood Hamilton. GameSpot reports that Hamilton is infuriated at the developers using his voice without taking permission.

More on the Lawsuit 

While defendant names have not come to light as of yet, sources have confirmed that Epic Games is facing the heat. Microsoft has also been reportedly named in the lawsuit. The matter escalated when Hamilton saw the game in January 2016.

His son’s friend showed him the game where he found Cole Train’s voice exactly similar to him. Also, he also found a distinct physical likeness and similarity with the character. In the lawsuit, Hamilton claims that several of his own fashion choices have also been used.

These include the gold front tooth of Cole Train along with his wrist bands and derby hat. The official credits for Cole Train’s voice go to Lester Speight. He is also being sued by Hamilton.

Hamilton states that Speight earlier worked at the wrestling company with him. He also talked of how they once thought of making their own video game character. Hard Rock Hamilton (wrestling name) and Cole Train share the same ethnicity.

What Hamilton Also Claims 

Both have played professional football even though this is called thrashball in the game series. Cole Train has the number 83 which is the year that Hamilton played for the Philadelphia Eagles. Also, body build and other physiognomy are strikingly similar.

Tech Fish has also confirmed the lawsuit. Hamilton wants “sales and profits” even though specific numbers are not available. The game series has already sold a whopping 27 million copies worldwide. It has also garnered in excess of $1 billion in revenues. Microsoft earlier bought the game franchise in January 2014 from Epic Games.

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