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Ghost Recon WIldlands Guide: Night Vision, Fast Travel & More

Ghost Recon Wildlands Guide
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Ghost Recon WIldlands Guide: Night Vision, Fast Travel & More

Ubisoft’s latest Tom Clancy game lets players become elite “Ghosts.” These covert four-man teams have to take down a drug cartel terrorizing several regions in a fictional country. This Ghost Recon Wildlands guide will help gamers maximize their experience.

Players and fans of Tom Clancy will find themselves combing through familiar Ghost Recon features in Wildlands. Unfortunately, the depth of the title’s open world can overwhelm gamers. This Ghost Recon Wildlands guide will help brush up on some of the game’s most important mechanics.

Ubisoft allows players to take on the game solo (with three bot companions), or with a team of four friends. Regardless, gamers ought to remember that this Ghost Recon title will demand a lot of cooperative play as enemies are abundant and strategies are plenty. This Ghost Recon Wildlands guide will help gamers utilize the right tactic in every situation.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Guide: Drones, The Environment

Wildlands offers quite the extensive tutorial, which can get a lot of players up to speed. Unfortunately, as with the nature of a lot of open world games, tutorials almost always leave newcomers to their own devices. This situation can overwhelm even Ghost Recon veterans.

According to Games Radar, the best way to navigate the game’s massive overworld is through familiarization. One must learn about the territory as best they could. This means a rough exploration of the area is not necessarily a bad thing. The process takes time, but it acclimates gamers to essential points of interest.

Players should take advantage of their drone, which has a lot of handy features. Others may consider it as a reconnaissance tool, which is partly true. However, it can be upgraded to be a medic or even provide covering fire. This makes it a useful “eye in the sky” to explore potential areas.

Fans who want to get in on the action better be familiar with the night vision feature as well. This illuminates a dark area with a light green screen. The feature is familiar with a lot of stealth games, but this is a necessity for Wildlands. This is especially the case for squads who want to take out opponents in the middle of the night.

In fact, gamers should actually familiarize themselves with the mini-map. The game offers quite the extensive map feature, with its own symbols there to help players. Red and yellow areas are spots with enemies. The drone or the squad will have to spot them before they are marked on the map. Incoming enemies are marked red for the Cartel, and purple for the police.

The Squad Is Yours

Gamers might find themselves acclimated with the usual Ghost Recon formula of dependence on stealth. Unfortunately, Wildlands demands much more from players. Interestingly, the game’s open world mechanic allows fans to explore missions with their own tactics. PC Gamer says this means players can just as easily rely on stealth or go for enemies directly.

However, fans should realize that the prone function is extremely important. The game offers a lot of opportunities for cover, and players should use them. This can maximize the chances of the squad making it out alive on a mission.

Players should also remember that roads are optional. Vehicles in the game are very durable, and a lot are actually good for off-road travel. This means sedans and pick-up trucks are strong enough to navigate mountains and muddy terrain.

In fact, players should take advantage of the fast travel option. There are 21 massive regions in the game. As much as exploring it via car is cool, there are times that fast travel is truly a necessity. Fans should judge whether a location offers more opportunities when tackled per small areas, or as a whole.

This means fast travel is the best option if players want to pursue missions in specific towns. However, squads who want to survey an area or a location better explore it manually. In the end, it’s all up to how fans want to navigate the game.

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