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Ghost Recon Wildlands Guide To All Skills & Faster Level Ups

Ghost Recon Wildlands Guide
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Ghost Recon Wildlands Guide To All Skills & Faster Level Ups

Ubisoft’s latest Tom Clancy game sends players against a drug cartel. However, these agents or “Ghosts” will have a lot of weapons and equipment in their arsenal. This Ghost Recon Wildlands guide will help gamers master their skills.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon series is known for its realistic depiction of military concepts. In this particular game, players control a four-man team to defeat a drug cartel in a fictional version of Bolivia. However, the large open world may be overwhelming for some gamers. Luckily, this Ghost Recon Wildlands guide can become handy.

Players who wish to proceed with this Ghost Recon Wildlands guide should remember that it is best to have an idea on how the game works first. This means gamers should at least master the basics and find a comfortable play style. After all, this determines the path their characters will eventually take in the game.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Guide: Faster Leveling Tips

Those who want more specific leveling tips can go to the video below, where user “Siefe Plays!” elaborates on his level-up method. However, fans may be able to fully immerse themselves in the game by developing their own skills. “Siefe Plays!” emphasized the need to master the usage of specific skills with a certain gameplay style to play the game more efficiently.

It may also be helpful to remind players at this point that there is no way they can possess all the game’s skills. This means they have to make serious considerations about the upgrades they purchase. These skills can be purchased with Skill Points they gain while leveling up.

Gamers can look at IGN for a complete list of the skills available for characters. However, it can be evident on the get-go just how important some skills are. Players are advised to prioritize Physical Skills such as Bullet Resistance, Detection, Faster Regen and Quiet Running if they want more chances to survive encounters. Skills that provide higher endurance can provide a significant health boost to ensure your safety.

Item Skills are in fact essential to ensure extra bonuses for characters. These include handy Frag Grenades, Flashbang Grenades, Mines, and C4. However, more stealthy players can rely on the Diversion Lure and Parachute to execute faster missions.

These skills can be deadly when paired with Weapon Skills. Players who are more aggressive should focus on upgrades like the Hip Fire Spread, Vehicle Destruction, and Ammo Retention/Capacity to give them good boosts in confrontations. Stealthier gamers should opt for upgrades like Ranged Elite, Stable Aim and Time to Aim to give them significant sniping buffs.


Level-Up Guide: Drones, Squads First

Games Radar emphasizes the need for players to understand just how everything in their arsenal works. Their guide explains that the Ghosts tend to underestimate the drone’s benefits. The drone is capable of doing fly-by missions without being detected. It instantly spots enemies and marks them on the map.

In fact, much of drone upgrades put emphasis on these features:

Reconnaissance features include Speed, Zoom, Mark Area, Thermal Vision and Stealth that all focus on the drone’s exploration capabilities. These upgrades allow the drone to explore areas quieter, faster and tag enemies more quickly.

Players who want to use the drone for more hands-on activities can use other upgrades as well. Explosive, Noisemaker and EMP can be helpful distractions to enemies. Meanwhile, Armor and Medic can make the drone a handy assistant when cornered.

However, players are also advised to utilize their squad more effectively. Gamers may tend to go gung-ho and strike enemies on their own, but Squad Skills actually give a good advantage. For instance, Extra Sync Shot, Squad Resilience, and Trained Rebels provide significant boosts for squads that work together.

Meanwhile, Revive Speed, Born Leader, Bleed Out Time and Last Chance can save a lot of groups that find themselves in a pinch. These take advantage of a squad’s overall performance and provides boosts for “last chance” maneuvers. This can determine the outcome of an encounter.

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