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Ghost Recon Wildlands Guide To All SMG & Pistol Locations

Ghost Recon Wildlands Guide
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Ghost Recon Wildlands Guide To All SMG & Pistol Locations

Ghost Recon Wildlands offers a huge variety of sidearms that players can use within the game. The difficult part is that some of these sidearms are not available at the start of the game. Here’s a Ghost Recon Wildlands guide that will help players locate all the usable sub-machine guns and pistols in the game.

Sidearms like sub-machine guns and pistols are useful whenever players run out of ammo on their sniper rifles and assault rifles. This Ghost Recon Wildlands guide focuses on those while skipping through the main weapons.

According to DailyStar, Sidearms, especially pistols, obtained through this Ghost Recon Wildlands guide can be equipped with a silencer. It will allow players to execute a quiet infiltration mission without being detected by the enemies.

Meanwhile, sub-machine guns are pretty useful if all other weapons are low on ammunition. It is also a must especially when players need to make a noise, retreat, or, the last resort, spray and pray when about to go down. According to VG247, here are the sidearms and their locations in the game:


  1. P45T – The first pistol, the P45T is a starting pistol and players would have it from the start.
  2. M1911 – The second pistol is located in the mountains between Ocoro and Caimanes. Spotted on the map by looking for blocks of building.
  3. M9 – the third pistol in the game. Players can find this north of La Marqueza. Two isolated roads mark its location, the one in the left is where players can locate the weapon case containing the M9.
  4. D-50 “Desert Eagle” / “Hand Howitzer” – probably the best pistol in the game. Players can find this at the left part side of Libertad just below the boundary line. It is located in an area where there are several buildings, big ones and a small one.
  5. P12 – found at the left side of Bella’s just between the train tracks. Players can’t miss this since the train tracks marking it form an A.
  6. P227 – located in Malca just below Pilca Village. Follow the road leading south and turn left. There will be a dead end with a building and inside it rests this weapon.

Sub-machine Guns:

  1. SMG-11 – Located right below Todos Santos Town in Pucara where several buildings are found. Players would not miss this as there is a specific road ending to a building. Enter the building and they can find this sub-machine gun.
  2. Skorpion – the second sub-machine gun found within the game.  Found in Marcavi, just below the name of the town. Start south and there will be a road leading to the name. Before turning left, a building will be found and inside it is the Skorpion.
  3. 5.7 USG – located on top of Ocora near the bay. There are several huge building in this area. The center one in the right nearest to the water is where it is at.

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