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Ghost Recon Wildlands Guide To Acquiring Best Sniper Rifle Scopes

Ghost Recon Wildlands Guide

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Ghost Recon Wildlands Guide To Acquiring Best Sniper Rifle Scopes

Ubisoft’s latest Ghost Recon game will have players become secret agents called “Ghosts.” Fans of the Tom Clancy series will have to infiltrate and eliminate a drug cartel. This Ghost Recon Wildlands guide will teach gamers how to be the best in the field.

Fans of the hit Ubisoft franchise will understand the need to get to know each weapon type, especially the trusty sniper rifle. This is especially the case given the game area is a massive open world. This Ghost Recon Wildlands guide will help players keep track of the best sniper rifle scopes and when to use them.

Gamers who rely on this Ghost Recon Wildlands guide this early on will have a competitive advantage, especially in multiplayer. Sniper rifles offer quite a massive advantage at a distance. However, since Wildlands offers players the opportunity to approach missions from different angles, players may want to have multiple kinds of scopes.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Guide: Scope Locations

The guide came courtesy of a YouTuber INFsleeper. His video below provides an extensive playthrough in some of the game’s more obscure high-level regions. According to Game Rant, the varying scopes will give players opportunity to have a variation in tackling missions.

Digital Scope: This provides a variable zoom function, with 2.5 to 3.5 times magnification. Players can get this in the Monte Puncu area. However, this is the most basic sniper upgrade available, so gamers may want to find more scopes.

POSP: This scope has four times magnification. Players can find this in the Koani region. Regardless of its simple zoom option, it is still a decent upgrade to the digital scope.

PKS-07: This scope provides up to 4.5 times magnification. The accessory is located in the San Mateo region. However, players have to tread carefully as the region is populated by a lot of enemies.

G28: This provides up to five times magnification, which is a big leap from the digital scope. It has a mounted laser sight as well, to give ease of targeting. Players can get this in the Inca Camina area.

TARS101 – This specialization scope is a direct upgrade of the digital scope. It has 4.5 to 5.5 times magnification features. Players can get this in the Pucara region.

T5X1 Tactical – This scope is perhaps the most useful players can find in the game. Prima Games recommends this scope as it has six times magnification – the highest within the game. This is located in the Koani region.

Weapon Variance, Accessories

Players may notice that the sniper rifle scopes in the game are located throughout the open world’s provinces. VG247 writes that this is highly unlike other Ubisoft titles like The Division or Watch Dogs. Gamers can find weapons almost anywhere in these installments.

The very specific locations of these armaments imply they are meant to be pursued on a certain level. However, this does not mean players cannot try get these weapons. In fact, gamers who obtain this equipment can freely customize them to their needs.

The game is not limited to sniper rifles and scopes, however. There is an assortment of weapon and accessory combinations within the game. Wildlands even offers quite an extensive list of cosmetic upgrades like costumes and weapon paints. Players can experience all of these if they play the game on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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