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Ghostbusters PlayStation VR Gameplay, Price & Future Of Series

Ghostbusters PlayStation VR
Screen grab from Ghostbusters News YouTube Channel


Ghostbusters PlayStation VR Gameplay, Price & Future Of Series

Seemingly out of nowhere, a Ghostbusters PlayStation VR (virtual reality) game has hit the shelves, blindsiding many as the title came as much of a surprise. The new game, officially called Ghostbusters: Now Hiring, places players in the role of a new recruit on the Ghostbusters team who is tasked to capture the ghost Slimer yet again.

According to reports, Now Hiring is set to be a relatively short game, with episodes becoming available periodically. Currently, Act 1: Firehouse is the only episode available so far, clocking in at a $7 price tag.

Ghostbusters PlayStation VR Gameplay

Created by CreateVR, Now Hiring introduces players to about 10 minutes of gameplay for its first episode, giving a short rundown of gameplay basics and mechanics. Seeing as it was made for the PlayStation’s VR platform, interested players will need a PS VR headset and PlayStation Move controllers in order to experience the game on the PlayStation 4.

As per The Verge, the Ghostbusters VR gameplay will involve having players press a button in order to teleport from one spot to another. Interacting with items and environments proves to be an instinctive experience, and assembling proton packs in order to capture Slimer seems to be relatively doable. As for actually using the proton packs via the PlayStation Move controller, mastering such movements has also been reported to have a good learning curve for players to get their footing in the gameplay.

What’s Next For The Franchise

Seeing as only one episode of Now Hiring is available so far–and ending at a cliffhanger, at that–the game leaves room for the story to continue and develop. According to Sony Pictures executive, Jake Zim, “We put out chapter one, if people like it and see what they want, then we can add chapter two and keep going. Ghostbusters is so big you can kind of go all over the place.”

The first episode of the Ghostbusters PlayStation VR game is now available on the Sony PlayStation Store.

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