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Gilmore Girls Netflix 2016: Date, Time of Online Live Streaming Release


Gilmore Girls Netflix 2016: Date, Time of Online Live Streaming Release

The Gilmore Girls Netflix 2016 date and time is out and fans are excited to say the least! After over 8 years of speculation about a Gilmore Girls reunion, it is finally happening on Netflix. This will be called Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

There will be four Gilmore Girls Netflix episodes which will be 90 minutes each. Every episode will emphasize on a different season. All these four installments can be streamed by fans on Netflix. These installments will be available on the 25th of November, Black Friday, at 12:01 AM.

US Weekly reports that Lorelai and Rory Gilmore’s reunion with the Stars Hollow gang is being eagerly anticipated. Other characters like Paris, Luke, Sookie, Emily, Kirk, Lane and Michel will also return. Even Doyle and Christopher will also be seen in these episodes. Additionally, viewers will finally find out more about Rory’s situation with her three love interests.

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The Gilmore Girls Netflix series comes after the popular television series ended in May 2007. It only had 7 seasons earlier and fans are already speculating about the guy Rory will finally end up with! Will it be Logan Huntzberger, Jess Mariano or Dean Forester? Well, the buzz is that all three men will be making appearances in this new series.

Gilmore Girls Netflix Spoilers: What Fans & Insiders Had to Say

Fans are already sharing several rumors and theories about there being a wedding or even the birth of a baby. The series premieres on Black Friday and fans are willing to even skip mall hopping to watch this latest Gilmore Girls installment.

According to Business Insider, Scott Patterson who plays Luke, lobbied the reunion for many years. Patterson talked of taking up this “cause for the fans because..they wanted it so badly.” Even a Texas television festival earlier planned a reunion for the show’s cast and its creator Amy Sherman-Palladino. This proved to be a major unifier for the next series to happen according to Patterson.

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