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Gilmore Girls Netflix Finale Teases More Episodes After Revival

Gilmore Girls Netflix
Image Source: Gilmore Girls Facebook Account


Gilmore Girls Netflix Finale Teases More Episodes After Revival

For the longest time, fans have been waiting for the Gilmore Girls Netflix release. It has been way too long since people were able to see Lorelai and Rory Gilmore drink their coffee and make good conversation.

Gilmore Girl: A Year in the Life release

Gilmore Girls

Image Source: Gilmore Girls Facebook Account

Fans waited for 10 long agonizing years for Gilmore Girls to continue its story. People were more than ecstatic when Netflix announced that it was going to do a revival season. The even bigger treat was that all episodes will be dropped Netflix style, all at the same time.

The Gilmore Girls Netflix release satisfied everyone. However, fans would still have wanted more episodes especially after the season’s big cliffhanger. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the infamous final four words revealed that Rory was pregnant. It was not confirmed who the father is but from how the season went on, it seems like Logan is the best bet.

That plot alone opens the door for another revival season. Not only is there a possibility that Rory repeats Lorelai’s single motherhood but also the scandal she will have to go through because of Logan’s current situation. In the revival season, people learned that Logan is engaged to a French heiress and has an ongoing affair with Rory.

Although the open ended Gilmore Girls Netflix release of the revival season made fans want more episodes, some of the cast members feel like it is fine as it is.

According to a report by E! News, Alexis Bledel who plays Rory Gilmore said that they are grateful for the chance to do the revival season but continuing it just for the sake of it would not feel satisfying for anyone. She said that she wants to make sure that they are doing it for really great reasons. And it was a great reason this time as it is the tenth year anniversary of the show.

In addition to that, Matt Czuchry who plays Logan said that if that was the end, it was a great ending for the show.

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