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God Eater Online Release Date Update: 100 Players To Team Up On Same Field

God Eater Online
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God Eater Online Release Date Update: 100 Players To Team Up On Same Field

The God Eater Online release date has not been confirmed yet. However, some information and details have emerged about the eagerly awaited smartphone action game. These details have been directly disseminated by Bandai Namco.

While Bandai Namco has refused to reveal the exact God Eater Online release date, development is around 70% complete. New data and characters are now being introduced into the game as per the company.

Bandai Namco feels that the major USP of God Eater Online will be the ability to team up with 100 friends in a fight. This will be a first of its kind in any MMO zone according to the developers. Silicon Era reports that there will be a fight against Aragami in real-time in the MMO space.

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How Will Players Team Up? 

Players sending rescue requests will be able to partner with other players accepting the same. There will be features enabling communication between players post this development. This is one major attraction that has not been available in the game till date.

According to Game N Guide, the fight can continue against Aragami thereafter. God Arcs will have to upgraded for players and leveling up can be done together. Playing with up to 100 other players is the major charm of the game.

Teaming up like this will help hunt the Aragami more easily. You can always tap into the Link-Aid feature to help any incapacitated player. The game takes place in a world which is evolved.

More on the Game Setting 

Several years have passed in this environment since the events that unfolded in God Eater 2: Rage Burst. Players with God Arcs will now assume the mantle of God Eaters in the new Himalayas Branch. They will take on the aggressive Aragami.

There will be several features of the God Arcs. There will be several combos which make use of jumps, steps and many more actions. The game is currently being developed for both Android and iPhone.

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