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God Of War 4 PS4 Confirmed: Release Date & What You Need To Know

God Of War 4 PS4


God Of War 4 PS4 Confirmed: Release Date & What You Need To Know

The development for God Of War 4 PS4 is proceeding just fine, according to the game director itself.

God Of War 4 was first announced for the PlayStation 4 during the PlayStation Experience in 2014. While it was announced that early that long ago, there had barely been any updates or trailers about God Of War 4. The title wasn’t also present at all in this year’s PlayStation Experience. A lot of players had been awaiting the release of the game for so long. The situation is leading into assumptions that the long-awaited game is not going to be released at all.

God Of War 4 PS4 would still be released as promised

Those who are worried about the God Of War 4 heading for development hell could relax and breath now, because that wouldn’t be the case. This could be confirmed from the words of the game director itself, Cory Barlog. Cory Barlog has confirmed that he had just finished the first full playthrough of the game, which he considers as an exciting milestone for the title and development team.

A lot are assuming that in case the game wasn’t cancelled, there is barely any progress for its development and would take quite a long time to release. This isn’t the case based on the words of Cory Barlog. If an unreleased game has been played from start to finish, then it’s already good as complete.

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God Of War 4 Possible Release Date

Despite the reported current status of the game, Sony Interactive Entertainment still hasn’t released an official announcement about an estimated release date. But taking into account the supposed development status of the game right now, the best bet would most likely be by mid 2017.

What to expect in the sequel

Kratos has somewhat aged and already has a son in this one. However, Kratos would still be the main playable character in the game based on the fact that his son is still a kid.

The upcoming game wouldn’t also be actually a reboot, although the series would now shift from Greek mythology to Norse mythology this time around. One could now imagine how Kratos would beat the hell out of Loki in the God Of War 4 PS4.

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