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God Of War 4 PS4 Release Date Update: Setting, Gameplay & What We Know So Far

God Of War 4 PS4


God Of War 4 PS4 Release Date Update: Setting, Gameplay & What We Know So Far

The most recent update for the God Of War 4 PS4 release implies that the game could be out by next year, and there are a few things that are confirmed about the game so far.

The God Of War 4 Setting

The game is well-known for using Greek mythology as the basis of its lore. But this time around, the game would shift from Greek mythology to Norse mythology. This change took place because of the reason that Kratos is already running out of Greek Gods to kill.

This makes the new Norse setting a new arc for the storyline of the series. Add to that a somewhat aged Kratos this time around. So, the Norse Gods and other beings in Norse myths might want to barricade their gates, and protect their necks before Kratos pays them a visit and separates their heads from their necks. Now, one could imagine scenarios like Kratos decapitating Trolls, breaking the jaws of Fenrir, and making a giant knot out of Jörmungandr.

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 The God Of War 4 Characters

As mentioned before, Kratos this time around has somewhat aged and has even grown a beard. He also has a son this time around, who was most likely conceived during the time gap in the series. The boy’s mother still isn’t identified as well, though it is implied she had passed away for quite some time already.

Kratos’ son is around only 10 years of age, and is still too young to seriously kick sorry Norse butt. However, he seems to be willing to fight alongside his father. He also appears to be skilled in Archery, and has likely inherited the powers of his Grandfather, Zeus.

The God Of War 4 PS4 Gameplay

Story-wise, the iconic dual blades of Kratos were gone during the 3rd God Of War. Kratos is seen wielding an axe this time around, providing a glimpse of what to expect in the new combat system.

The fixed camera in the series would also be replaced with a better one.

The new God Of War would also feature a single-player mode only as confirmed. No expected release date was also announced for the God Of War 4 PS4 yet. However, given the latest status of the game where it is already playable from start to finish, it would most likely see a release mid 2017.

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