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God Of War PS4 Characters: Meet Kratos’ Son Atreus

God of War PS4


God Of War PS4 Characters: Meet Kratos’ Son Atreus

God of War PS4 characters are now a major source of excitement for fans. The director Cory Barlog has revealed the name of Kratos’ son. This character is appearing in the upcoming exclusive version for PlayStation 4.

In God of War PS4, the name of Kratos’ son is Atreus. Barlog states this on Twitter after a fan’s discovery. This discovery pertains to the “introduction to Kratos and Atreus”. This is seen in the comments portion for God of War E3 2016 Overture on YouTube.

EGM Now reports that God of War PS4 will have this character called Atreus. Barlog has earlier stated that Kratos’ son’s name will not be revealed. This is because the entire team could not decide on the final name to be used.

More on the Game

The game does not have any official release date as of yet. You can play the game right till the end. It is a late 2017 release as per reports.

Screen Rant reports that the God of War trailer is a major talking point from last year. Kratos tries to adjust to his life post the original game trilogy. Footage shown last year also displays how Kratos is trying to build bonds with his son.

The son is shown as being more attuned to his mother in terms of attributes. Kratos now has to raise this boy.

More on the Discovery

This release has touched 15 million views on YouTube. It is in this comments section that fan Fabiano Banin discovered the name. Cory Barlog congratulated Banin for his “nice discovery”.

The name Atreus is taken from Greek sources. This points at Kratos’ history and origin as well. However, the game is originally focusing on Norse mythology. This makes it even more interesting. Many players are now looking forward to teaching Atreus how to kill gods and monsters like his father.

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