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Gossip Girl Reboot After Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life: Here’s The Truth


Gossip Girl Reboot After Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life: Here’s The Truth

A Gossip Girl reboot has all but been confirmed by Blake Lively who will return as Serena. Sebastian Stan has already expressed his desire to return to the show and so has Lively. The show’s executive producers, however, have kept things ambiguous.

The Gossip Girl reboot has not exactly been confirmed by Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz yet. E! News reports that the producers have stated that they have not thought about anything yet. Schwartz noted of how the “internet has changed” and how the series will be different in the era of Instagram, Snapchat and other social media.

According to Schwartz, almost “everyone is Gossip Girl” in recent times thanks to social media. When the show first appeared, there were no cameras on phones even. Nonetheless, fans and even the original cast welcome the idea of a reboot.

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Captain America star Sebastian Stan has expressed his desire for a Gossip Girl reboot. He has already revealed that two other co-stars are also interested in coming back. Many also feel that reviving the show would not be too difficult. The premise of the show lends itself quite nicely to modern times according to a section of fans.

Blake Lively Says ‘Yes’ to a Gossip Girl Reboot?

Teen Vogue reports that reboots are quite popular these days and even Lively wants to come back. The actress has earlier stated that a reboot “would be fun” and enjoyable. She also talked of how “we had such a great time doing that” in the past.

Lively’s comments have already created a stir on social media platforms with many fans clamoring for a reboot. Stan, Lively and other actors seem set to return to the show. It now depends on the creators to come up with a fresh installment.

Industry watchers suggest that the show will be as popular as before. The unique premise and ample recall value automatically give it an edge over other new shows being aired currently.

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