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Gravity Rush 2 Demo Coming To PS Store: Release Date, Gameplay & More

Gravity Rush 2


Gravity Rush 2 Demo Coming To PS Store: Release Date, Gameplay & More

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that a demo of Gravity Rush 2 can be downloaded starting tomorrow. Here’s a rundown of the gameplay details and what to expect in the upcoming video game.

The game’s associate project manager Nick Accordino confirmed that the content is similar to what was released in the Electric Entertainment Expo (E3) held in the Los Angeles Convention Center last June 2016. Gravity Rush 2 is slated to be released on January 20. It was supposed to unveil this December, but the studio revealed that there will be a delay.

Director Keiichiro Toyama did not give details on why the release was moved to January. However, the director said that Sony Interactive will include a story-based downloadable content (DLC) to the players to compensate for lost time.

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Dynamic Experience, Improved Gravity Action

Protagonists Kat and Raven return to plunge through another adventure. The game continues the saga that Gravity Rush left off. Set in the buoyant nation of Hekseville, Kat uses her ability to shield the town from a gravity storm and the Nevi monsters that are threatening to destroy her beloved homeland.

Players can choose from an array of gravity styles. The moves are much similar to its predecessor titled Gravity Rush. The first style is called Lunar — it increases Kat’s ability to move faster and jump higher. Secondly, the other style called Jupiter intensifies gravity. It gives more impact to Kat’s attacks.

Using the touchpad, players can switch between the two gravity styles according to their liking. Meanwhile, The studio aims to immerse the players in the world of Gravity Rush 2 by redesigning the city and its environment. It takes the user to life-like surroundings, more lively and colorful than its predecessor. Kat can now talk to the village people, toss gang signs, while the villagers can react instinctively.

The game is about 20 to 40 hours long. Furthermore, the game has three times more missions than Gravity Rush with 2.5 times larger landscapes.

An animé titled Gravity Rush: The Animation-Overture will be released to introduce the video game before its official launch. In addition, the series will also connect the stories of the sequel and its predecessor.

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