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Gravity Rush 2 Gameplay, Characters & What You Need to Know

Gravity Rush 2
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Gravity Rush 2 Gameplay, Characters & What You Need to Know

Gravity Rush 2 can easily be one of the most-awaited titles in the PlayStation 4. However, just what is it with its rather crazy premise? Here’s everything you need to know about the game.

The game is set in Banga, a mining settlement that is plagued by monsters. Miners make living collecting gravity ore from the floating reef. However, the monstrous Nevi will be forcing our protagonist to make a move.

The premise is simple for gamers to understand. Gravity Rush 2 is set in a world where the laws of gravity can be bent and broken to your heart’s content. Kat will be experimenting with her newly-evolved gravity-bending powers in a wholly-destructible environment. This allows for various gameplay potentials versus monstrous enemies.

Gravity Rush 2: Just What is it About?

The game will also feature a whole new cast of characters. Lisa is the short-tempered leader of the settlement, while Vogo is the head of Sun Shipping. Cecie is a quiet herder that is also Lisa’s adoptive daughter.

Meanwhile, Fi is Vogo’s bodyguard who is proficient with martial arts. Misai meanwhile is the top miner in Banga and one of Kat’s biggest critics. However, the game also gives us a closer look to the Nevi, which come from the new Rift Plane.

Aside from the original Normal mode, the game will also have new modes for people to enjoy. There will also be a slate of online content for players to appreciate. Some online events even “activate” in the middle of gameplay. They can take photos, hunt for treasure, and even Challenge other players.

Gravity Rush was originally a PlayStation Vita title. And while the console almost reached its climax a few years back, people were amazed with the game. According to PlayStation Lifestyle, the game clearly showcased the Vita’s capabilities, which led to Sony making another game.

Better than the First?

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, although Sony did manage to announce a sequel, it only came to fruition after the PlayStation 4’s Gravity Rush Remastered. Kat and Dusty officially left the PlayStation Vita and set sights to the PlayStation 4. Of course, if it will be worth it will depend on reception for its launch on January 18 in Europe, and January 20 in the US.

Gravity Rush 2 will be having PS4 Pro support, meaning it can run on 4K. However, it won’t support 60fps, much to the disappointment of fans. Regardless, it has a full 2160p resolution, giving it a much needed smooth experience.

The game is also set after the events of Gravity Rush: The Animation – Overture. This is a two-part anime that bridges the gap between the two games. Not only that, but the game will have a ton of downloadable content (DLC) features as well.

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