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Gravity Rush 2 Gameplay: Why You Should Take Your Time Playing

Gravity Rush 2
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Gravity Rush 2 Gameplay: Why You Should Take Your Time Playing

Gravity Rush 2 is going to be available in a few hours and fans are excited to be a part of Kat’s adventure again. However, if there’s anything one should take note of before playing the game, it’s to take your time.

Although the game’s title is Gravity Rush 2, it’s highly recommended not to rush into anything. The game’s map will be huge and the side stories will be plenty. But don’t be tempted in taking everything in all at once.

What makes Gravity Rush 2 one of the most anticipated games this year is because of the success the first game brought on. Aside from that, there’s the exceptional gameplay and graphics. If you rush through all of it as fast as you can, you won’t be able to appreciate what the game has to offer.

Side Quests And Challenges

If one of the reasons you’re going through the game so fast is because you’re worried about the side quests disappearing, don’t worry. These quests will be back. Either they’ll appear on the map instantly or they’ll be greeting you at the end of the game.

One thing is for sure, you won’t be locked out of anything. As mentioned above, the second installment of Gravity Rush has a huge map that it’ll take a while for you to finish everything. It’s best to go about these in a pace you’re comfortable with to fully enjoy the game.

Power Ups and Gems

Gems are important in which it helps you power up skills in return. There are 6 skills and the need to upgrade all of them at the same time might plague you. But always strategize before doing so.

For instance, increasing Statsis Field and Fighting Skill first is a good idea before increasing the others. You’re going to need those two most in the game.

Hold off in powering up all of your skills at the same time. Those skills won’t disappear so think wisely before spending all your gems on them.

Enjoy the game when it becomes available, especially since it can be viewed in 4K. The game releases on January 20 in North America. For more news on Gravity Rush, keep posted on Video Games Republic.

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