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Gravity Rush 2 Guide: How To Unlock All Costumes

Gravity Rush 2 Guide


Gravity Rush 2 Guide: How To Unlock All Costumes

This Gravity Rush 2 Guide will help you unlock all the costumes you desire! Kat has several costume options available. However, finding all these costumes is not an easy task.

This Gravity Rush 2 Guide will help you understand more about the costumes on offer. You will also learn how to unlock all of them. There is Shifter 2.0 which is the default costume worn by Kat once the game starts.

This Gravity Rush 2 Guide states that this outfit will be very familiar to fans of the series. Digital Trends reports that you start the game with work clothes. However, this is only revived once you earn 300 Dusty Tokens through photos, treasure hunts and challenges.

More Enticing Costumes 

You also get the waitress costume post finishing the side missions and challenges linked to the food-stall-flyer segment. The “Hands Up, Hands Out” mission is the beginning. The Jazz Singer dress comes after the “Like a Radio” story mission.

The “A Legend is Born” side quest makes the Battle Nurse outfit available once Kat does stunt work. The Kali Angel outfit is unlocked once the side quest “An Angel Named Double-Cross” is executed. This has Kat striving to sell ice cream to passersby.

Now Loading reports that the School Uniform 2.0 can be unlocked through the “Forbidden Games” side quest. The School Uniform 1.0 costume can be unlocked once you earn 2, 000 Dusty Tokens. The Super Star outfit is unlocked from the mission sequence starting with “Find the Idol”.

White Kat & Other Outfits 

The Shifter 1.0 costume can be unlocked by earning 5, 000 Dusty Tokens. The military uniform will be available for those with earlier data from the original Gravity Rush. This is linked to the original DLC Pack.

The same thing applies for the maid outfit. The White Kat comes as a pre-order bonus feature. The Cat Suit costume also comes for those with an original save date like the other two games. Also, you can download PSO2 Crazy Kitten as a novel yet compelling costume.

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