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Gravity Rush 2 Guide On Precious Gems & Easy Power Up

Gravity Rush 2 Guide
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Gravity Rush 2 Guide On Precious Gems & Easy Power Up

Gravity Rush 2 was just released yesterday and it’s already been getting a lot of players hooked on Kat’s new missions. However, some are still looking for a Gravity Rush 2 guide since they’re trying their best in succeeding, including finding Precious Gems which require players to search for rather than being rewarded with such items.

There are ways in finding Precious Gems in the game. Below is a Gravity Rush 2 guide in finding these gems and how to use them as power ups.

Gravity Rush 2 Guide: Go On A Mining Expedition

Take the mining expeditions from Misai. Talk to him in Banga Mining Boat where he’ll take you to places for you to mine.

An important thing to note here is to watch for the levels of high concentration of Gravity Ore. This can be read in the “Current Mining Population” status bar. Going to a site with more than a hundred Mining Population has a higher chance of finding Precious Gems.

Kick or punch the ground to mine gems. You can also use Jupiter Style and Gravity Kicks.

Fly Around The Map

Pick up gems by flying around the map. Gems are usually found under the surface or at the top of the buildings.


Exploring the map can take you to some challenges that will let you have Precious Gems in bulk. It’s a challenge for a reason since you have to earn a gold, silver or bronze to acquire a certain amount. Gems will be given as a prize for the first time only so make sure you do well.

Side Quests

Side quests usually let you stumble on an orb on the ground. Precious Gems are found once you break open an orb. Moves such as Gravity Kicks and Jupiter Style work here too.

Power Up

Do note that Square like gems are worth 50 Precious Gems while diamond shaped gems are worth one. To use these gems, head to the options menu and find the power up section. Six categories of power ups will greet you so choose which one is to your advantage.

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