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Grey’s Anatomy Cast & Spoilers: Arizona Goes To Jail – Details Here

Grey's Anatomy Cast
Image Source: Grey’s Anatomy Facebook account


Grey’s Anatomy Cast & Spoilers: Arizona Goes To Jail – Details Here

A Grey’s Anatomy cast will find herself in prison when the long running hit TV series comes back for its mid-season premiere. Yes, “herself” so that means it will not be Alex Karev behind bars, at least for now.

Arizona goes to prison!

Arizona Robbins, played by Jessica Capshaw, will be going to prison in the Grey’s Anatomy mid-season 13 premiere. However unlike Alex who has legal circumstances surrounding his possible jail time, Arizona will be of medical matters.

According to a report by TV Guide, Capshaw shared that Arizona has been called on a case in a maximum security prison. The inmate needing medical help is said to be too dangerous to have her go to a regular hospital. It looks like the assignment is far from easy as Dr. Robbins enlists Bailey and Jo to help Arizona with the case.

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Capshaw, however, did say in the interview that they were meant to do a “pretty simple procedure.” But then she further said that she was “super terrified” during the table read for the episode.

Grey's Anatomy Cast

Image Source: Grey’s Anatomy Facebook Account

Grey’s Anatomy mid-season premiere airs on January 19, 2017.

Who else among the Grey’s Anatomy cast will be sent to jail?

Although it is not Alex Karev that was confirmed to be visiting the prison when the show goes back on air, it does not mean that he is off the hook. In fact, he is very well in the same situation when the show had its winter finale.

Alex’s trial was supposed to begin but he decided to do something else. He then decided to take a plea deal which his best friend Meredith did not agree with, as reported by Inquisitr. It was not revealed yet if Alex did go through with the plea deal but it is expected that the mid-season premiere will shed some light into this. Looks like the Grey’s Anatomy cast are not limiting their world in the boundaries of the hospital.

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