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GTA 5 Online DLC: Possible Next Expansion From Rockstar Games

GTA 5 Online DLC
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GTA 5 Online DLC: Possible Next Expansion From Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series became one of its most famous franchises ever developed. Fans of the game usually play the previous GTA games offline, but GTA 5 Online changed all of that. Now, they have speculated and proposed in what could be the next GTA 5 Online DLC.

Steve dogg 51 has thought of the idea of having a GTA 5 Online DLC called Locked & Lifted that he originally posted in the GTA Forums. His idea garnered a lot of attention from the fans since he conceptualized it very well.

He even created a GTA 5 Online Locked & Loaded DLC Concept Trailer. Aside from that, Steve dogg 51 included what this proposed GTA 5 Online DLC should have, down to the details.

Steve dogg 51 focused the main setting of the Locked & Loaded DLC at the original Los Santos map that made GTA San Andreas known. Although bright lights and cities make up the infamous map, 90 percent that remains consists of dirt, sand, rock mountains, and hills.

He based the idea of the Locked & Loaded DLC from the success of the Bikers DLC released by Rockstar Games. Steve dogg 51 wants to take the fun in GTA 5 Online out of the streets and into off-road.

Steve dogg 51 proposed several new vehicles that Rockstar Games could add in this GTA 5 Online DLC. Some of the sweet new rides he wanted to see in the game include the following:

  • Gallivanter Offender and Bobtail
  • Gallivanter Doggstar
  • Vapid Bully Boy
  • Vapid Trophy Tow Truck
  • Canis Strangler
  • BF Baja
  • Zancudo Crabb
  • Declasse
  • Declasse K9 Desperado
  • BF Mint
  • Sentinel 666
  • Karin Kuruma WRX
  • Vapid Nevada Codsworth

Off-Road Vehicle Modification Feature

He even added images of the proposed off-road vehicles and their possible description in the game. Aside from that, he included the idea of a vehicle modification shop called the “Beekers Off-Rd Shop.”

In the “Beekers Off-Rd Shop,” players can customize their off-road vehicles with upgrades that can help them traverse terrains easier. They can add hydraulic kits, bigger wheels and new designs, low ratio transmissions, off-road exterior and trim, and more.

Steve dogg 51 even included the possible missions that players can do in the Locked & Lifted DLC. Some of the missions he thought of for the proposed GTA 5 Online DLC are as follows:

  • Dirty Deeds
  • Off-Road Import/Export
  • Hunting Missions
  • Multiplayer Time Trial Lobby’s

Fans who want Rockstar Games to bring the Locked & Lifted DLC to GTA 5 Online can sign at ipetition. So far, it has gathered at least 3,903 signatures out of the required goal of 10,000.

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