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GTA 5 Online Update: Double Money & Bonuses Revealed!

GTA 5 Online
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GTA 5 Online Update: Double Money & Bonuses Revealed!

Rockstar Games has already released the updates for GTA 5 Online: Thanksgiving, including bonuses for money, RP, and a new mode. This is ideal for those who are just building up their criminal empire in the game.

Double GTA$$ & RP in Drop Zone, Power Play, and the new Kill Quota mode!

Now, GTA 5 Online would earn twice the normal drop rates in the aforementioned modes. Double the money and RP means double the fun.

New ‘Kill Quota’ Mode Announced

The game play of the new mode, ‘Kill Quota’ is somewhat comparable to Half Life: Counter Strike. It has a capacity of up to 16 players and 4 teams. It starts out relatively easy, but the succeeding rounds become progressively harder.

Players begin armed to the teeth. The weapon load out depends upon their starting point district. The type of assigned weapons becomes much weaker as the rounds progress. To the point that the final battle would be a melee kill or be killed battle.

Each team must hit a designated number of kills before the game moves on to the next round.

New vehicle “60’s Bravado Youga”

The perfect vehicle for transporting illegal good and doing illicit activities on the back seat. Now anyone could drive around the streets of San Andreas in this cool classic vehicle. Because nothing beats driving around and shooting people while driving a 60’s Bravado Youga.

Premium race for the week: Turbine

This time, the race would be located in a wind farm.

There is a handsome triple RP reward for all participants. The winner gets to take home “substantial” GTA$ prizes.

The Daily Star has posted detailed property and vehicle discounts right here. The discounts range from 25% up to 50%. They have a lot of good things on sale!

GTA 5 Online is the online multiplayer mode for GTA V.


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