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GTA 5 Update: Full List Of New Vehicles From Import/Export & Release Date Revealed!

Image Source: GTA 5 Facebook Account


GTA 5 Update: Full List Of New Vehicles From Import/Export & Release Date Revealed!

Grand Theft Auto V or simply GTA 5 was the most awaited PlayStation and Xbox game in the year 2013. Up until now, gamers from around the world are still hooked with it even after two years of its release. This is thanks to the updates that are keeping the game as exciting as possible.

GTA 5 Import/Export Update

It is almost like a tradition in the Grand Theft Auto world that the game will release a big December update. It has never missed an update during the month. And from how recent reports suggest, this month’s update will be one of the biggest to date.

As Game n Guide pointed out, the data miners have done it again. The new and exotic cars included in the upcoming update have been published by famous GTA tipster Yan2295. Rockstar has not commented on the spoiler release but Yan 2295 said on his Twitter account that he has confirmation that most of what he knows is legit.

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Yan2295 said that there will be 25 new and exotic cars coming in the December update. The most notable vehicle included are the BF Ramp Dune Buggy, Boxville5, Imponte Ruiner, and the Coil Rocket Voltic. According to a report by iDigitalTimes, the Coil rocket Voltic is the wildest car in the line up as it is rumored to be equipped with rocket engines. Meanwhile, the Ramp Dune Buggy is also quite interesting as the wedge ramp is capable of scooping and throwing cars in the air.


Image Source: GTA forums/ Yan2295

When is the December update coming?

Not only does Yan2295 have the information about the cars to be included in the GTA 5 world, but he also has information on when the update will be released. The famous tipster said that the Import/Export update will be released on December 13, 2016. Rockstar has yet to confirm this but a lot of reports are saying this date is most likely true.

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