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GTA Online Update: Adversary Mode, New Items & More

GTA Online
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GTA Online Update: Adversary Mode, New Items & More

Grand Theft Auto is an action-adventure game where missions are completed through accomplishing specific objectives set by the game. Players may freely go through the open world aside from the missions. The world can be pretty much explored without restrictions.

Thus, you can get much out of GTA Online. Rockstar Games, GTA‘s game publisher, has made some updates with the game. This includes a new car, an Adversary mode and some more Christmas bonuses!

Snow in Los Santos

Feel the festive surprise in Los Santos and Blaine County with some added snow factor. Experience snowfall now because this weather will only last until Monday evening, December 26. You can also have snowball fights.

Adversary Mode

The new Adversary Mode is called Juggernaut. This mode makes one player on each team into a huge and powerful Juggernaut so much like a clash of Titans.

The main purpose of this mode is to kill the opponent team’s Juggernaut while protecting your own team’s Juggernaut. If both Juggernauts remain standing at the end of every round, sudden death rules are reinforced where all the players turn to Juggernauts. As a result, the first team to score a kill wins.

GTA Online

Image source: @RockStartGames Twitter account

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Other New Christmas Items

In GTA Online, players may also choose to buy the cool automotive Comet Retro Custom coming from Benny’s Original Motor Works. This can help earn double GTA $ currencies and Rockstar Points (RP) in Juggernaut mode.

Players who log into GTA Online on Christmas Day will also receive a Unicorn Mask, a set of Pajamas in either White Graphic or Blue Check designs, Fireworks Launcher with 10 Fireworks rockets, Carbine Rifle plus 200 Ammo rounds and Marksman Rifle with 200 rounds of Ammo. Other items are Basic Knuckle Dusters, 25 Sticky Bombs, 25 Grenades, Proximity Mines and Molotovs of 5 each, Full Snacks and Full Armor.


Join the hype on December 24 to 25 to get 50% more on various activities such as GTA$ on all Vehicle Exports, all Biker Business Sales and all Special Cargo Deliveries.

GTA Online updates have also been made recently so that the players would feel more festive with the game and the holidays. Jump back into the trend of GTA with this particular version. Celebrate your holidays with these extreme bonuses, festive clothing and tougher gun fights.

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