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GTA Online Update: Adversary Mode, New Vehicle & More

GTA Online update
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GTA Online Update: Adversary Mode, New Vehicle & More

As per the latest GTA Online update, a new vehicle and adversary mode will be added. The new game mode is named Collection Time. The vehicle in question is a new version of the car used by James Bond in Spectre.

The latest GTA Online update does throw out any possibilities of a Grand Theft Auto 5 single player DLC out the window. However, Rockstar Games knows that the online service is the real money spinner. The company is happy to have grossed close to half a billion dollars with this service.

The GTA Online update has generated huge excitement amongst fans because of the whole new dimension. Game Rant reports that this mid week update should certainly lure fans in droves. The new car is innovatively named the Dewbauchee Specter.

More on the Exciting Car

The car is based on the Aston Martin brand which is associated with the James Bond series. This car is a fictional interpretation of the Aston Martin DB10, the car driven by Bond. It can now be used for winning races or robbing convenience stores.

The car is priced at $599,000 in terms of digital currency. A full upgrade for the same will also cost another $252,000. The car also comes in a tempting hot pink color that will attract anyone.

On the other hand, the Collection Time Adversary mode has support for two to sixteen gamers. Every player has 1 point of worth in this mode. Killing any enemy player will get your team this point. Teams holding all points for 30 seconds will win naturally because of the simple rule.

What Else Should You Know?

Additionally, teams with the highest points by the end of the round may also win. The concept is really simple. Gamers will enjoy this for sure due to the sheer thrill involved. Multiple new maps have also been added for this Adversary mode.

VG 24/7 also confirms that Rockstar Games is updating GTA Online. The updates are being done for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Rockstar Games is likely to add more game modes in the near future.

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