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GTA Online Valentine’s Event: New Maps, Double Rewards & What To Expect

GTA Online Valentine's Event
Rockstar Games


GTA Online Valentine’s Event: New Maps, Double Rewards & What To Expect

Who says bad boys and girls can’t get dates? The GTA Online Valentine’s Event will add a dash of mayhem for the season of the hearts. Rockstar Games has added a host of new features for players to enjoy. The game adds a new level of chaos and fun to the normally-sweet and cuddly occasion.

This adds the GTA Online Valentine’s Event to the game’s slate of updates and downloadable content (DLC) packs that add a level of creativity for its players. When gamers thought GTA Online was just about the mayhem, they were wrong.

This time, the GTA Online Valentine’s Event adds couples into the consideration. Fortunately, the DLC is not lacking when it comes to new maps and features as well. Here is a brief background on the new DLC.

GTA Online Valentine’s Event: Explosive Romance

Rockstar’s new addition to the multiplayer sandbox game is a romance feature that is relatively unexplored in the genre. Rockstar Newswire explains just what is new for this year’s Valentine’s Event after last year’s update. It seems the best additions so far are two romantic locations, located at Legion Square and La Puerta.

Players can also indulge in sales and double rewards. Some 2-versus-2 Adversary Modes will offer double the cash rewards and double the RP. This includes Hasta La Vista, Relay and Offense-Defense modes. Not only that, but there is a 25 percent bonus for purchases on Biker Business Sales and Cargo Deliveries. The same can be found on Be My Valentine Clothing, Benny’s Upgrades, the Ocelot Penetrator, and other items.

Fans looking for a dash of nostalgia can buy mafia-esque vehicles and clothing for the occasion. They can look like their own personal James Bond with a new plethora of gorgeous suits and ties. This definitely is a season for the hearts.

New Features, Updates

According to Game Rant, the Valentine’s Event gives little detail to the full plans of Rockstar Games for the title his year. However, rumors say there might be even a huge map expansion for the game. The impending release of such a feature can only be confirmed by Rockstar Games.

Aside from the Valentine’s Event, Rockstar has already added new features to the game. Players can organize their heists and form gangs. They can now buy more bikes and make car smuggling a means of business. The Adversary mode also allows the option for crazy power-ups to vehicles.

Big Rockstar fans can also simply hang on to their seats as there is also more news for Red Dead Redemption 2. This is yet another much-awaited game, and if fans are right, then Red Dead Revolver protagonist Red Harlow may have an integral part of the story. Of course, these rumors can only be confirmed by Rockstar Games.

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