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Half Life 3 News: Game May Not See Release – Here’s Why

Half Life 3
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Half Life 3 News: Game May Not See Release – Here’s Why

Half Life fans may not like this news. It appears the chances of Half Life 3 appearing are very slim now. At least, if reports are believed.

This is extremely sad news for fans of the hit franchise. After all, Half Life 3 is not just one of the most anticipated games of all time, it may very well define the meaning of anticipation. The game series in itself changed the landscape of storytelling.

Sadly, it appears the game didn’t even go far in terms of development. It may even be likely that the game may not be even released at all. At least, if these reports were true.

Half Life 3 News: Game to be Fully Cancelled?

Andrew Reiner from Game Informer previously conducted an interview with a source from Valve. Though as he revealed, it appears the information wasn’t that concrete and it was hard to piece together. Regardless, if we take it as it is, Half Life 3 is in a bit of a conundrum.

It appears the game has been stalled in development several times over the years. However, none of the iterations of the game made it really far. This may mean that the game may never even reach the light of day.

If the insider source is to be believed: “There’s no such thing as Half Life 3. Valve has never announced Half Life 3.”

Ouch. These words were straight from the source, clearly a bit pessimistic about the third game. According to Game Rant, it even went as far as to say that there may not be another game in development at all.

News So Far

However, the insider did explain some aspects of the development over the years. Some want to make an RTS-esque game based on the franchise. Others think Valve is working on their own version of the game in virtual reality. Others will be blending “live-action footage with gameplay,” a la choice driven mechanics.

However, given that Half Life creator and writer Marc Laidlaw retired from Valve, a Half Life game is really almost out of the picture. Of course fans can expect news that the game is in the works every once in a while. However, some advise fans to get their hopes in check.

This can be severely frustrating for fans, especially since Half Life 2 ended in a big cliffhanger. This implied that a third episode existed. Hopefully that episode will close the gap the second game left.

However, it appears Portal will be the only game to be able to connect Half Life‘s threads together. It is, after all, a spin-off within the same universe. Of course, seeing the mute Gordon Freeman is still something fans want to do.

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