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Halo 5 DLC: What To Expect From ‘Classic Helmet’ Req Pack

Halo 5
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Halo 5 DLC: What To Expect From ‘Classic Helmet’ Req Pack

Halo 5: Guardians is a first-person shooter video game by 343 Industries. Microsoft Studios published the game for the Xbox One and Microsoft Windows PC. Now, the game is getting a “Classic Helmet” Req pack.

Brief Storyline

Halo 5 follows two Fireteams of human super soldiers. With the Blue Team — led by Master Chief — absent in order to track down the artificial intelligence construct, Cortana, the Chief’s loyalties are called into question. Jameson Locke, a Spartan IV member, and Fireteam Osiris, the specialized combat and intelligence team of Spartan-IV, are tasked to retrieve him.

“Classic Helmet” Req Pack

A new DLC for Halo 5 will be released. A blog post from the Halo website announced that 343 Industries developed a new “Classic Helmet” Req pack for the game. The developer showed off nine classic helmet variations. Players can unlock them and use them as customizations. This includes the classic “Mark V Delta” cited as an example.

The blog post warned that the developers will not release the said helmets together with any other content for the game. They are independent and part of Monitor’s Bounty. The publisher also set the release date for the DLC on a temporary date on February 9 this year. This may still change without prior notice. But, the team hopes that these will be released in the soonest possible time for the benefit of everyone.

Halo 5Pia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

9 helmet variations that may be unlocked on February 9.
Image source: Halo Way Point website

New “Warlords” Playlist

Alongside this new update, 343 Industries has launched a new playlist for the Halo 5 game. The playlist was named “Warlords” in Warzone. This started January 27 at 2PM Pacific Time or 5PM Eastern Time. The playlist is available only for a certain time period this weekend. It allows players to play in a group of 12 members rather than the usual six. The change in number will not be made permanent.

Other Updates

Aside from these updates, 343 Industries also presents a few more changes via the DLC. They also included an ask section for feedback on the game. “Beyond that we’ve also got another 343 Team Spotlight from deep within the Halo Wars 2 team and Uny’s serving up another helping of the Community Spotlight and a Play of the Week,” as posted in the blog post. Check out the blog post for the full updates on the game.

The 343 Industries team has not announced the next installment in the Halo titles. But, they will be releasing a spin-off. 343 Industries calls this Halo Wars 2 which will come out next month on February 21. The available platforms are Xbox One and PC.

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