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Halo 5 Mythic Firefight Warzone Mode to Offer Higher RP Rewards

Halo 5 Mythic Firefight Warzone Mode
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Halo 5 Mythic Firefight Warzone Mode to Offer Higher RP Rewards

If you’re looking for a reason to go back to Halo 5 Mystic Firefight Warzone Mode, then Microsoft has a lot. Looking at the game so far, Microsoft appears to not be joking. Let’s start with freebies.

Microsoft recently announced in a tweet that the Mythic Warzone Firefight mode will have a lot more RP (REQ Points) rewards. This means players will have a lot more opportunities to customize their characters and their gear. However, there appears to be more in the game mode than meets the eye.

Players can log in to their accounts and play through the Halo 5 Mythic Firefight Warzone Mode themselves. However, those who want to review the game mode can look through this post first. Hang on tight, as the new features seem to be a thrilling ride.

Halo 5 Mythic Firefight Warzone Mode: What’s New?

Players can see from the Microsoft tweet that the new RP rewards option is played through the Escape from A.R.C. map. This is one of the more unique maps in the Halo 5 Mythic Firefight Warzone mode. The variety of strategic options makes this map a genuinely fun playing experience for both veterans and newcomers.

Fans can look at this Reddit thread to see each round and its challenges. Each of these quests have their own rewards, which make them worthy of checking out. Luckily, not a lot of them seem to be hard to achieve, although they will take time.

Although the thread did not specify specific rewards for each mode, players will find the objectives a familiar. Each round do have specific Skulls, or secret items, inside them.

  • Round 1 has Tough Luck Skulls.
  • Round 2 has Tough Luck and Blackeye Skulls.
  • Meanwhile, Round 3 has Tough Luck, Blackeye and Thunderstorm Skulls.
  • Round 4 has Tough Luck, Black Eye and Thunderstorm, and Catch Skulls.
  • Lastly, Round 5 has Tough Luck, Blackeye, Thunderstorm, Catch and Mythic Skulls.

This makes the rounds a bit tricky given their effects:

  • Tough Luck: Enemies go berserk, never flee, and always dive.
  • Blackeye: Shields only recharge if you melee enemies.
  • Thunderstorm: This upgrades enemy abilities.
  • Mythic: This increases the health of enemies.
  • Catch: This makes enemies grenade happy.

Sequel to Come Soon?

In other news, 343 Industries did open the idea that Halo: The Master Chief Collection will receive a patch soon. This is after complaints of a lot of issues in the game itself. Bonnie Ross, Halo boss, also hinted on new innovations to the series without losing its overall “spirit.”

This appears to be good news given that Halo Wars 2 is getting closer to its release date. This is the sequel to the popular real-time strategy (RTS) spin-off to the franchise. Hopefully this game will bridge some mysterious gaps in the game’s story.

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