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Harry Styles New Album News: Bruno Mars Collaboration Confirmed!


Harry Styles New Album News: Bruno Mars Collaboration Confirmed!

Harry Styles new album rumors have been circulating ever since the singer signed a record deal with Columbia. The $80 million record contract is expected to spawn an album soon. Thankfully, it seems Robbie Williams has now leaked that Styles is working on his album with Bruno Mars.

This has added a whole new dimension to the Harry Styles new album rumors.

The One Directioner has been secretive about his new album. While he has not spoken about his new album anywhere, more details of the Harry Styles New Album came from Robbie Williams. The veteran singer leaked the news of Styles working with Bruno Mars for his record.

Harry Styles New Album Details

Williams revealed how he “tried to work with Bruno Mars last year,” but did not receive any responses and the same thing happened in the case of hit songwriter Max Martin. None of these people returned Williams’ calls as per his statement. However, he noted that Harry Styles seems to have spent a week each with Martin and Mars.

“Then I met Harry Styles in an airport. ‘Oh, you’re writing, Harry? Great, who with?’ He goes: ‘Well, I just spent a week with Bruno Mars, and I’m about to spend a week with Max Martin,'” Williams told Radio Times.

Robbie also joked about Styles being “the new me” and wished him the best of luck.

Robbie Williams’ leak has enthused Styles’ fans who cannot wait for his new album to release. Bruno Mars is already known for writing several songs for other acclaimed pop artistes.

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Harry Styles is lucky to have both Bruno Mars and Max Martin writing for his new album. Martin has already written super hit songs for the likes of Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry, among others.

Robbie Williams also feels that “Harry Styles has beguiled the whole world just by being Harry Styles” adding that Styles has a “David Beckham-style quality”. Williams reckons that Styles may be a huge success in the future.

Styles will be releasing his album next year as per reports and he will also star in Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan’s war saga.

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