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Harvest Moon 2017: Natsume President Teases ‘Surprises’ For The Year

Harvest Moon 2017


Harvest Moon 2017: Natsume President Teases ‘Surprises’ For The Year

Harvest Moon 2017 is one topic that is generating ample buzz amongst enthusiasts. The Natsume President Hiro Maekawa has already sent out a teaser about several upcoming surprises. This teaser has generated huge intrigue amongst fans.

Harvest Moon 2017 updates are expected to be released soon. Maekawa has already dispatched an exclusive New Year’s message. This message has been released on the official Facebook page of the company.

This message has given birth to immense speculation concerning Harvest Moon 2017. Maekawa has already reflected on two games through his message. These are Harvest Moon: Skytree Village and Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories.

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What Is in Store for 2017? 

Silicon Era reports that both the Android and iOS versions of the games have performed well. Maekawa has also teased that 2017 will mark the 20th anniversary for the popular franchise. He has also talked about several “surprises” for celebrating this occasion.

This has generated rumors about possible attractions concerning Harvest Moon 2017. Maekawa has also talked about River City: Tokyo Rumble. This was released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2016. Maekawa has already spoken of how “appreciative” fans have been regarding these titles.

Nintendo Today reports that there are three titles in the pipeline. However, the platforms for the releases are being kept under wraps as of now. CeeCee, a company community manager gave an update in this regard.

What She Said 

She also talked of several large scale announcements in the works related to Nintendo. These include several titles developed for PSN and iOS. Since Harvest Moon released for the Wii, the Wii U version could be one of the titles. This could be a major attraction for 2017.

Fans will be eagerly waiting for E3 to find out about any new announcements relating to the new release for 2017. 2017 should certainly be a year of surprises as the teaser is quick to point out.

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