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Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Spoilers: Will Chin Die In Midseason Finale

Hawaii Five-O Season 7
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Spoilers: Will Chin Die In Midseason Finale

The Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 gets tighter with episodes by the moment. Rumors immediately surround the finale season with such heat. The mid-season finale will gravitate entirely on Chin’s adventure in Mexico. The penultimate episodes showed Chin discovering that his niece, Sara, was kidnapped. Check out more Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Spoilers below!

Episode 11 Hits High

Eventually, the Episode 11 gripped the audiences into a cliffhanger. But episode show-runner Peter M. Lenkov expressed during an interview at TV Guide that the episode’s ending was never planned. As such, the directors and story-writers for the episode admitted that they had not seen the story’s direction coming, News Everyday stated.

Now, both audiences and fans were quick to admit that the cliffhanger end of the episode was worth the watch. On one hand, the producers are hoping that this Friday’s episode will seam the same magic for the audiences.

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What To Expect With Hawaii Five-0 Season 7

This Friday’s upcoming episode was foreseen to open with a light-hearted celebration of Chin’s birthday. But when he will soon find out that his niece, Sara was kidnapped, he will definitely be moved to rush.

This sequence was confirmed by Daniel Dae Kim himself, the actor portraying Chin Ho. Dae Kim focused on this unlikely tendency on Chin’s character during his interview at TVLine. He said that this is the first time that Chin would react so impulsively.

Although this action can safely be hinged to his paternal instincts, leaving the team so suddenly and rushing to Mexico is still very strange. As a result, rumors speculate that either Chin or Sara could potentially die in the mid-season finale of Hawaii Five-0 Season 7.

The show’s artistic staff is silent in the whole speculations. What the fans and audiences could only expect is the major emotional impact this plot can leave to the audience.

A Possible Cancellation?

Despite the CBS TV hit series’ strong hold on the network ratings, the cancellation of an entire series run is impending. This is due to the hinted departure of main actor Alex O’Loughlin from the show.

Even with these speculations surfacing, the CBS network is yet to make the slightest indication.

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