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Heavensturn Seasonal Final Fantasy 14 Event Celebrates New Year

Final Fantasy 14


Heavensturn Seasonal Final Fantasy 14 Event Celebrates New Year

The hype in the airwaves now is all about Final Fantasy 15. Its predecessor, Final Fantasy 14 is vying for more attention. Square Enix recently announced that there will be a Heavensturn seasonal event starting on December 31. Here is a look at the details of Tori Bugyo’s latest quest.

Final Fantasy 14 Heavensturn Seasonal Event

The Heavensturn event will happen on Saturday, December 31 at 7:00 am. Meanwhile, it ends on Monday, January 16th at 6:59 am Pacific Standard Time.

T0 join, players should head to Limsa Lominsa to speak with Tori Bugyo. Furthermore, the quest can be found at the Old Gridania in Saru Bugyo. The map location can be found below:

Final Fantasy 14

Source: Final Fantasy 14 Lodestone

Premium Items For Winners

The adventurers who will be participating in Final Fantasy 14’s seasonal event will have a chance to win exclusive items. First, players can win a music roll for Heavensturn known as the Heavensturn Orchestrion Roll. Secondly, they can snag a happy new Chocobo. These bird-like creatures are used by the protagonists to travel faster in all sorts of terrain.

Furthermore, players can grab new Kabutos in the game. A red and black Tori Kabuto will be awarded to everyone who participates in the seasonal event. However, fans who do not want to participate can purchase the items at the Seasonal Shop.

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History Of Heavensturn Seasonal Event

The story revolves around Tori Bugyo’s desperate attempt to fix the Heavensturn Festival. However, the leader is not ready to quit. He is doing everything he can to elevate the citizen’s interest.

Gamers are enlisted to help Tori Bugyo by completing a series of challenges. Fortunately, the celebration of the year of the rooster in Eorza can still be rectified.

Final Fantasy 14 is the second massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)  in the franchise by Square Enix. However, it was redeveloped by a team headed by Naoki Yoshida due to negative reviews of the first release.

Meanwhile, Yoshida suggested to build the title from scratch. Further, he believes that this is the only solution to rectify the problems related to the game’s backend. Now, the fourteenth version was released again under the subtitle A Realm Reborn.

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