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Here’s How You Can Score The Overwatch Sale At $20 Off

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Here’s How You Can Score The Overwatch Sale At $20 Off

Overwatch is one of the most played and most talked about shooter games since its launch in May. Considering that a player has not purchased the game yet and has consoles to play it, this week would be the best time to buy the game. The Overwatch sale is included in the PSN Holiday Sale week 3.

Biggest discount on Overwatch!

This week is the biggest Overwatch sale. The game is currently the cheapest it has been since its launch seven months ago. The two main versions of the popular shooter game are available in two hugely discounted price tags. The upgrade is also included in the sale.

Overwatch is now being sold for $29.99 from its original price of $39.99. While Overwatch: Origins Edition, which has an insanely discounted price, is now going for $39.99 from its original price of $59.99. The $20 discount for the Origins Edition is huge especially considering that the amount saved can be used to purchase more games in the PSN Holiday sale.

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There is also good news for the players who originally bought Overwatch and want to upgrade to the Origins Edition. The upgrade from OW to OE used to have a price tag of $19.99 but because of the Overwatch sale, it has been discounted to $9.99.

According to a report by PC GamesN, these deals are currently live in the US region only. However, it is expected to appear elsewhere in the future.

Who can avail the discount?

Since the deal is part of the PSN Holiday Sale week 3, this is available for PlayStation 4 and PC versions only. However, Xbox users may have something to look forward to. Overwatch and Overwatch: Origins Edition is expected to be on sale as part of Xbox Live’s biggest-ever holiday sale according to a report by Gamespot. The said Microsoft sale begins tomorrow December 22, 2016.

More Overwatch news

Actor Terry Crews apparently wants to lend his voice to the popular game during his recent visit to the Blizzard’s office. This fact alone clearly shows the magnitude of success Overwatch has gained for the past seven months.

Do not forget to catch the sale as the deals end on January 3, 2016.

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