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Here’s Why The Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Beta Was Cancelled

Mass Effect Andromeda
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Here’s Why The Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Beta Was Cancelled

Mass Effect Andromeda fans will not be able to play a multiplayer beta after all. This surprising news came from BioWare itself. In a surprising twist, the publisher said players do not need to play said tech test, which was teased at least four months ago.

Players and fans of Mass Effect Andromeda may sense an air of mystery around the cancellation. After all, what better way to test the effectiveness of a multiplayer feature than with a beta test? However, fans may ultimately have to find out with the main game itself.

Mass Effect Andromeda is a slight departure from the well-known Shepard trilogy of the Mass Effect series. It is the first entry to not star a Commander Shepard, and is the first to be set in Andromeda galaxy. The title follows the story of the Ryders, a family of explorers out to find a home in a new galaxy.

Mass Effect Andromeda: No More Multiplayer Beta?

The surprising news came out from BioWare itself. In a blog post, the publisher reiterated that it will have a booth at the PAX East 2017, where players can try the game’s multiplayer mode. In a surprising twist, BioWare also said this is because the title’s multiplayer trials were cancelled.

This is approximately five months after the announcement from BioWare’s Fabrice Condominas that a multiplayer beta will arrive. Players excited to try this out even joined a BioWare Beacon registration list, as in the tweet below. Fans can still access the registration sheet, for some reason.

BioWare did not reiterate a technical reason for the cancellation. However, PC Gamer did receive a statement. The publishers explained there is no need for a multiplayer beta. They added that tests on their end were enough to prove its efficiency.

More Features, Updates

Still, fans have more to look forward to in the game than just the multiplayer feature. Players invested in the game’s story can be delighted to know that the title boasts a new dialogue system and improved expressions to focus on other characters. Protagonists can also do Loyalty Missions to strengthen the bond with their crew members.

Meanwhile, competitive players are now free to choose their skills without class restrictions. This is on top of being able to craft their own gear. Customization fans can also get a ton of fun by choosing colors for their armor, a feature previously unknown in the game.

Players may want to go to PAX East 2017 this March 10 to 12 in Boston, Massachusetts. BioWare’s room is located in Room 2B, where fans can gather and talk about the game. They may also get to try the game’s multiplayer mode there, or just watch it unfold on the screens.

The game is set for a release a few weeks from now on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players in North America can get the game on March 21. Meanwhile, players in Europe can get it on March 23.

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