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Heroes Of The Storm Introduces Probius – Abilities, How It Fits The Lore

Heroes Of The Storm
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Heroes Of The Storm Introduces Probius – Abilities, How It Fits The Lore

Fans of the StarCraft franchise will finally see another Protoss arrive in Heroes of the Storm. Probius is the game’s newest miniature hero. Of course, this depends on how people perceive the usefulness of the petite champion.

The year marks quite a challenge for Heroes of the Storm. Blizzard is using the title as its foray into the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) scene. The game is a direct competitor to genre icons such as League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients.

Heroes of the Storm fans can try out Probius in the game’s public test realm (PTR) beginning March 6. Probius is open to bug tests and reports, like other soon-to-be-released characters. Here’s everything you need to know about the adorable probe.

Heroes of the Storm: Enter Probius, Protoss Lore

Fans can see everything they need to know about Probius courtesy of a video from Blizzard. Unlike other primary units of the StarCraft franchise such as Kerrigan, Probius is, well, a humble probe. StarCraft veterans will realize that Probius is actually a builder unit from the games.

In its primary franchise, Probius is one of the small orb-like creatures that goes back and forth to mine resources. It is also in charge of building structures. However, Probius is no pushover in Heroes.

According to PC Gamer, Probius, if anything, is a high-damage specialist. It has special abilities that deny enemies their area of effect privileges. This will pose a challenge for enthusiasts in the MOBA genre.

Probius has a Warp in Pylon trait. This helps it generate mana and create abilities. Probius will have to constantly create pylons to have energy, but they also help him regain tons of mana. Aside from a mount, it also has Worker Rush. This allows it to move 50 percent faster than its normal walking speed for a period of five seconds.

Its Q is a Disruption Pulse. It pierces through enemies and deals decent damage. If used with W, this forms Probius’ main combo. Warp Rift, its W, slows down enemies. Probius can even use it to explode, scattering damage around enemies. It can be charged with up to two power-ups depending on its level.

E is a Photon Cannon, which is yet another defensive structure from StarCraft. It can be created within a pylon and attack nearby enemies. This means Probius can retreat to the safety of photon cannons if it needs backup.

Lastly, its ultimate is Pylon Overcharge. This is made by combining the power of pylons and pylon cannons for an extremely long-range attack. This means Probius can shoot down enemy heroes while being comfortably protected. An alternate ultimate is Null Gate, which makes Probius create a wall in any direction that slows all enemies and deals small damage to them.

New Patch

Probius has arrived in the game alongside a new patch. According to a Blizzard blog post, the new update makes a ton of new changes to the title’s overall appearance. For instance, its new user interface (UI) has been overhauled. Players who glance at the top of the screen can now actively see the status of their team and their teammates as a whole. This means the health and mana bars, as well as team scores, appear conveniently on top of the screen.

The game now glorifies players with individual achievements – albeit more subtly. In the past, players have been annoyed with how much space some special animations take for skilled gamers. Now, players who are kill-streakers will have a highlighted outline around their portraits both on the UI and their personal interface. This is affectionately called being “On Fire.”

Heroes of the StormRhenn Anthony Taguiam | Video Games Republic

The newest “On Fire” feature adds a sparking outline around characters. Image from the Blizzard blog post.

A new “Kill Field” will also stack notifications in one corner of the screen. This allows players to quickly see what is going on in every match. Lastly, more numbers-oriented gamers can see more detailed stats during and after the game, should they wish.

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