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Hero’s Song Cancelled, Studio Shuts Down: How To Claim Refund

Hero's Song Cancelled
Image Source: Pixelmage Games Facebook Account

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Hero’s Song Cancelled, Studio Shuts Down: How To Claim Refund

It is very unfortunate that another start up video games studio is shutting down after a failed attempt to compete in the market. Pixelmage Games studio has now been announced to close down and with the news comes another unfortunate event with Hero’s Song cancelled just two months after its launch.

Why was Hero’s Song cancelled?

Pixelmage Games’ debut title was Hero’s Song. It had an initial raised fund of $1 million and the company was hoping to raise $800,000 more through a Kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately, the campaign fell through as it only raised $137,000 in one week. It was then cancelled after several indications that it will no longer meet its goal.

The studio, however, was still able to pull it off and launched its first game described as “open-world rogue-like fantasy action RPG.” The game can be played alone or with up to 25 other people. However, it looks like the odds were still against it as today the studio’s founder John Smedley announced the game’s cancellation.

According to a report by Gamespot, Smedley said that the sales target was unfortunately not met. The fund needed to continue the game’s development was supposed to come from it. He further said that he and his team knew the risks of an indie game studio but they were also hoping to be the exception to that rule.

What will happen now and how to get the refund?

On a press release posted on the Pixelmage Games official website, the Hero’s Song team announced that everyone who bought the game will be offered a 100% refund. See details on the process below.

Indiegogo Customers

  • Email and include the following
    • Name
    • Information of which package was bought
  • Wait for confirmation that the email was received
  • Expect the refund shortly

Purchased via Steam

  • Go to
  • Follow the normal refund process
  • Expect the refund shortly

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Smedley posted on his Twitter page that it breaks his heart to cancel the game and shut down the studio. A lot of his followers and fans of the game were impressed with how the team handled it. Hero’s Song cancelled with a lot of professionalism, dignity and integrity by offering a full refund to all its customers.

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