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Holiday Dead Rising 4 DLC Adds Reindeer Bike & Elf Zombies

Dead Rising 4 DLC
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Holiday Dead Rising 4 DLC Adds Reindeer Bike & Elf Zombies

The Christmas Dead Rising 4 DLC adds some holiday cheer in the game, in the form of a Reindeer Bike and Elf Zombies!

Dead Rising 4 was just recently released early this December. A DLC patch is quick to follow to catch up with the holiday season, despite Dead Rising 4 actually taking place in a holiday-themed Willamette, Colorado.

The new DLC would add a more merry Christmas feel into the game, to be more in tune with the current holiday season. Here are some of the things to expect from the holiday-themed DLC.

Christmas Dead Rising 4 DLC Release Date

Xbox One owners must have been in the ‘nice’ list of Santa Capcom this Christmas. The ‘Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack’ DLC is now up for grabs for the Xbox One.

The ‘Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack’ comes included with the $20 season pass of Dead Rising 4. The DLC could also be purchased alone for the price of $4.99.

PC owners are not as lucky as Xbox One owners, and must have been in the ‘naughty’ list of Santa Capcom this holiday. PC owners have to wait until early January next year to experience the holiday season in the game.

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The ‘Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack’ Contents

The ‘Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack’ contains a lot of holiday goodies inside.

  1. Santa Claus suit for Frank West – because nothing beats the sight of seeing Frank West beat the hell out of zombies while wearing a Santa suit this holiday season.
  2. ‘Candy Pain’ Baseball Bat – a Christmas-themed baseball ball wrapped in Christmas lights. And barbed wire.
  3. ‘Santa’s Little Melter’ Motorcycle – a modified holiday-themed motorbike with a Reindeer head. The Reindeer head also isn’t just for show, as it has laser-firing capabilities to make melted marshmallows out of zombies.
  4. ‘Holiday Zombies’ Option – perhaps the best feature in the ‘Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack’ that this alone makes it worth buying. This adds an option that dresses up zombies as elves, while fresh zombies dress up as reindeers. Survivor NPC’s are also affected by the option, and could be seen dressed up as snowmen and gingerbread men.
  5. A Christmas-themed border option for the selfie camera in-game.

The Santa suit, Candy Pain, and Santa’s Little Melter must be purchased from in-game merchant NPC’s to activate.

According to Siliconera and Game Spot, after the Christmas Dead Rising 4 DLC, 2 new difficulty levels would also be added in the story mode next year.

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