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Home Alone Game Released In 8-Bit: Gameplay, Graphics & More

Home Alone Game
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Home Alone Game Released In 8-Bit: Gameplay, Graphics & More

Everyone’s Home Alone Game will now be released in an 8-Bit gaming platform. Discover the game-play, graphics and more.

Introducing: The 8-Bit Cinema Series By CineFix

The “8-Bit” Cinema series, a platform franchise that aims to adapt movies into 8-bit video games, undergoes the latest update by CineFix. For the final time, CineFix installs the Home Alone holiday movie into the franchise.

Home Alone Game Arcade-Style Version:

The Home Alone movie comes in with various other game versions in the web. It boasts of versions more realistic and hyped-up. However, the 8-bit versions do not give on to the competition. It resists staying in the corner as a side-game. Now, its latest video sample is yet to reveal its magic.

Of course, everyone should remember the Topsy-turfy, butt-kicking tricks by the boy left alone at home. The movie itself had held a certain magic upon its playtime. Former kid actor, Macaulay Culkin’s light-hearted but well delivered-performance only served as an accent. The movie is generally given life by the story itself.

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More Features To Be Added:

Now that CineFix’s 8-bit game format is giving it a different touch, fans could only expect a fun-filled gaming experience during the holidays. CineFix has just begun adding features to complete its Arcade-style standard.

Meanwhile, CineFix is hoping that the game would pull some strings at every one’s hearts this holiday season. Anyhow, the game’s designers are quite confident that the game would bring in the memories.

The Home Alone Game features Kevin McAllister to as sole protagonist. He will be whipping the bandits out of his home through the entire gameplay.

Other Details:

The game’s graphics will hopefully resemble much of Legend of Zelda’s. It possesses a mishmash of music score and sound effects borrowed from the film and made intently for the game.

What The Players See:

But what the players found most exciting about the Home Alone Game is how it recreates Culkin’s character and the rest of the bandits Marv and Harry’s physical features, mannerisms and tone to the last detail.

Watch a portion of the game through this video.

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