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For Honor Balance Patch: All The Tweaks You Need To Know

For Honor
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For Honor Balance Patch: All The Tweaks You Need To Know

Fans of Ubisoft’s For Honor will receive quite the substantial patch. The update will even out the playing field for a lot of players. Players will hopefully see more balanced gameplay with the new patch.

The new For Honor patch will be heading to the PC first. Gamers using PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have to wait a bit longer. Regardless, players ought to stay updated with the progress of PC gamers to see if the game did flesh out a few balance issues.

For Honor tells the tale of an ancient land being fought for by three warring factions. History buffs will enjoy the appearance of Vikings, Samurai, and Knights fighting to the death. Interestingly, the game offers a wide variety of gameplay modes and character classes to choose from.

For Honor: Balance Patch Features

According to Game Rant, Sony and Microsoft have to certify the patch before releasing it to its players. However, Ubisoft does promise a steady flow of progress for fans of the recently-released game. This is, after all, claiming the patch will finally resolve recurring balance issues.

Update 1.03 will greatly affect two hero classes, namely the Valkyrie and the Peacekeeper. The Vikings’ Valkyrie will be getting an overall buff after a substantial nerf in the previous update. It can be remembered that the previous patch greatly diminished the Valkyrie’s abilities, making it the least-chosen hero for the duration of the update. Some fixes will include increased damage, recovery time, and faster strikes.

Meanwhile, the Peacekeeper will have some of its bugs fixed since its appearance in the beta. Its bleed damage will now return for every stab. The colossal hero will also increase the damage of his Light Attacks and Stabs.

The update will also make the “guardbreak” feature a more accessible skill. This means players can now counter-attack if their guardbreak animation is met by another guardbreak. In previous iterations, if an enemy’s guardbreak hit a player’s guardbreak, the latter will be pushed away. This has a deciding factor in a lot of duels.

More Updates

According to the full list of patch notes, Update 1.03 will also fix some issues in the game’s appearance. This includes small changes to the user interface, graphics, and the chat.

Perhaps the most interesting addition to the update is its Anti-Cheat system. The previous iteration of the system accidentally banned a lot of players in the game. This cost gamers a lot of reputation and lowered their ranks in the leaderboards. Hopefully this time, the Anti-Cheat mechanism is friendlier to players.

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